Sleep Therapy Product Questions

Which CPAP mask will work with my machine?
All CPAP masks and most CPAP tubing are made to a standard size. Because of this, you can choose any mask to use with your CPAP or BiLevel machine. You should choose ...
What maintenance is required on CPAP machines?
The most important maintenance of your CPAP machine is that of the filters. Dust, hair and pet dander collect at the air intake filter. It is essential that the internal parts are...
How often should I change my CPAP supplies?
CPAP and BiLevel supplies associated with sleep therapy are designed to be disposable. Masks, tubing, filters, and headgear are not designed to last extreme amounts of time, and using them past their recommended life span may endanger your CPAP therapy...
What happens if I wake up and my CPAP mask has been pulled off?
This is a common problem with new CPAP users. Once you adjust to having wearing a CPAP mask while you sleep, this will become less of a problem. If you are still experiencing problems after 2 to 4 weeks of consistent use, please contact our CPAP experts...
What happens if I become very bloated while using CPAP therapy?
Gastric distention is an abnormal amount of gas build up (excess air in the stomach), caused by swallowing air during your treatment. This may cause a feeling of nausea during and after therapy. If you are experiencing this condition, please contact ...
Which CPAP machine is easiest for people who travel often?
Our manufacturers CPAP machines have been created to be lightweight and travel-friendly. The CPAP machines carrying case make traveling convenient, lightweight, and perfect for a suitcase or bedside table. A popular
Are CPAP machines FAA approved?
Yes! You are permitted to carry-on your CPAP unit and it will not count toward the maximum 2 bag allowance (at least on domestic flights). We recommend carrying a copy of the TSA ruling letters, and a copy of your doctor's prescription. We recommend ...
Can you use a CPAP on an airplane?
Yes! Depending on the manufacturer a proper AC or DC power cord automatically capable of accepting line voltages of 100V to 240V – 50/60Hz would need to be purchased, a travel battery and cables and a converter.
What happens if my CPAP machine is out of warranty and needs repairs?
Please contact us at 1-877-303-9289 to obtain a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Our customer services department will gladly send your machine to the manufacturer for repair and or estimate. Before any repairs are made we will then contact you...
What is the difference between compliance and clinical data?
Compliance data monitors the patient's usage. Clinical data monitors the patient's breathing rate, snoring index, apnea and hypopnea index, average pressure used, and breathing trends.
What is the purpose of adding humidification to my CPAP machine?
Humidification will deliver increased comfort during your sleep therapy. Humidification adds moisture to the upper and lower airways, and patients that don’t use humidification may find that they have significant drying out of their nostrils, mouth, ...
What is a BIPAP machine?
Some respiratory issues can make it hard for you to breathe, and in certain cases someone might benefit from the use of a BiPAP Machine, or BPAP. A BPAP machine is a type of ventilator—a medical device that assists with breathing. These machines extend the benefit of a CPAP machine by adding large breaths on top of stable airway pressure and will help in pushing air into lungs from a mask or nasal cannula connected to the machine.
What is APAP, BiPAP, BiLevel, VPAP S, T and S/T?
"Automatic positive airway pressure" (APAP, AutoPAP, AutoCPAP, BPAP are parallel terms) automatically titrates, or tunes, the amount of pressure delivered to the patient to the minimum required to maintain an unobstructed airway on a breath-by-breath basis by measuring the resistance in the patient's breathing, thereby giving the patient the precise pressure required at a given moment and avoiding the compromise of fixed pressure. Bi-level pressure devices
How often should I change the water in my humidifier?
Your water should be changed on a daily basis. Always use Distilled water this help prevent calcium build up in your water chambers and in the prevention of sinus infections. Always rinse your humidifier chamber out before adding new water. To prevent...
What If my pressure seems too high?
If you are a first time CPAP user it is normal to experience this sensation. Give it 1 to 2 weeks for you to adjust to the pressure. If you still feel your pressure is too high, contact your oxygen provider or physician before making any adjustments. ...
How do I clean my tubing and mask?
For home cleaning of CPAP masks or tubing, mix one part vinegar and three parts warm water. Allow tubing and mask parts to soak for a few minutes. Rinse clean and allow to air dry.
What to do if my nose becomes sore from using a nasal pillows system?
It is important that you are using the correct size of pillow and humidification. Nasal pillows should have a secure fit. If you are using nasal pillows that are too large, the pressure and flaring of the nostrils will cause irritation. Using nasal pillows...
Which type of CPAP mask should I choose?
There are traditional nasal masks (by far, the most popular with CPAP users), alternative nasal masks, full face masks (for those patients who have problems with mouth breathing or leaking from the mouth), nasal interface systems (such as nasal pillows systems), and oral masks. For the best possible choice, stick with what has worked for you in the past.
Why is a full face mask recommended for mouth breathers?
If a patient is a mouth breather and uses a nasal mask, most often the pressure is reduced; making treatment ineffective. A full face mask allows the patient to breathe from the nose or the mouth, while still obtaining maximum treatment.
What if I continue to experience mask leakage during the night?
A misconception with many CPAP users is that a CPAP mask should be 100% leak free. All CPAP masks have a slight leak. A variety of issues may cause an excessive mask leakage. Here are a few helpful tips: with your machine running, pull your CPAP mask away from your face so that the seal can be properly inflated.
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