What maintenance is required on CPAP machines?

The most important maintenance of your CPAP machine is that of the filters. Dust, hair and pet dander collect at the air intake filter. It is essential that the internal parts are protected from accumulating dust and debris. By keeping the area around the unit free of dust, hair and pet dander you will insure a quality delivery of air and a successful sleep therapy. Keep the area around your CPAP clear of bedding, curtains, and papers that may prevent air intake and reduce the airflow of your machine. Severe damage can be easily prevented by refraining from picking up your machine with the humidifier attached. It is very important not to spill your humidifier water in or on your CPAP machine and always remove the humidifier before moving the machine. Make it a habit to empty the water after each use to keep your device safe from pets and others in the home from accidently spilling water on your CPAP. Wipe machine surface as needed.
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