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Are you having an website issue?
Are you having an issue with our website or do you need technical support? Please contact our web manager Scott at 303-483-7155 or email at
Forgot your password?
Click the following link to reset your password.
Where can you find return and exchange policies?
Return and exchange policies as well our customer satisfaction policies can be found here: Return and Exchange Policies.
How do you cancel your order?
If you placed an order and would like to cancel, please contact us to begin the cancellation process. Please refer to our customer satisfaction policies for more information regarding our return, refund, and cancellation policies. These policies can ...
How do you return your order?
First, please review our customer satisfaction policies regarding returning orders found here: Return and Exchange Policies. Then please contact us to begin the...
What is the return shipping address?
In postal mail, a return address is an explicit inclusion of the address of the person sending the message. It provides the recipient and the third party shipping company with a means to determine how to respond to the sender of the...
How long does it take to receive your refund
It will take at least 72 hours to receive you refund depending on the order.
Who do I contact about my refund?
Please call 1-877-774-9271 for questions about your refund. Please not that it takes at LEAST 72 hours for your refund to be processed.
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