Invacare Perfecto2 Home Concentrator

By Invacare
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A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

A+ BBB Rating

Excellent Trustpilot Customer Rating

Excellent Trustpilot Customer Rating

Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

  • 43 Pounds
  • .5 to 5 LPM Continuous flow
  • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Includes Perfecto unit, cannula, and owner’s manual.

Invacare Perfecto2 Home Concentrator Description

The Invacare Perfecto2 is a 5 liter home oxygen concentrator that is one of the lightest, smallest and quietest units available today. The Perfecto 2 has a more compact and refined exterior that features a modern, slim design and shell with an easy to grab handle. It has a hard case and spinning wheels that make moving it from room to room carefree and effortless.

Reliable Oxygen Supply

The Invacare Perfecto2 provides consistent oxygen flow up to 5 liters per minute. It uses a humidifier system and three different filters to provide comfortable and high-quality oxygen throughout the day. Both of these features are very easy to access from the front of the concentrator, and you can easily adjust them to suit your needs. Oxygen purity levels range from 87 to 95.6, and there is a maximum outlet pressure level of 5 PSI. A pressure monitor ensures that oxygen stays flowing steadily.

Accessible Controls

All of the controls for this oxygen concentrator are located on the front of the device. Each control button has large print and is easy and intuitive to use. Some control features also use light and sound to simplify the process further. Alarms will sound if there are any issues with oxygen flow or controls that need to be adjusted. The flow meter is located on the front of the device, so you can easily monitor your own oxygen flow.

Energy Efficient

The Perfecto2 is an energy-efficient than the average home oxygen concentrator. It has an average power consumption of 325 watts while running at the median setting of 3 liters per minute. It also runs very quietly at just 43 dBA. This is quieter than your average conversation.

Compact Design

The Perfecto2 V has a compact design that is easy to move from room to room in your house. It weighs 39 pounds and has a curved handle on the top of the device. Wheels at the base of the device help you move it without lifting. This oxygen concentrator is also compact enough to fit in small spaces, so you can easily tuck it next to your bed or couch while relaxing. When you aren’t using the concentrator, it can fit easily into a closet or other storage area. It has dimensions of 13 by 23 by 11.5 inches.

Reliable Warranty

An oxygen concentrator like the Invacare Perfecto2 V is a major purchase. Invacare offers a 3-year warranty for this product. Having a reliable warranty can give you peace of mind knowing you are protected if something breaks unexpectedly.

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More Information
GTIN 00841447100010
Product Features Sleek, stylish, modern design that features an easy to grab handle for extra mobility
43 decibels; about the same noise level as a refrigerator
Filter on back of the unit that are easy to remove and change
Uses less power and will keep your electricity bill lower
Manufacturer Invacare
Dimensions 13 inches Wide x 11.5 inches Deep x 23 inches High
Product Weight 43 pounds
FAA Approved N/A
Warranty 3 Years
Filters Gross Particle Filter, Compressor inlet
Maximum Oxygen Output 5000 ml/min
Noise Level 43 Decibels
Outlet Pressure 5 PSI (+/- 0.5 PSI)
Oxygen Purity 87% to 95.6% on all flow settings
Power Consumption 280 watts @ 3 LPM
Operating Ranges, Intended for Use Temperature: 50 to 95 Fahrenheit (10 to 35 Celsius)
Humidity: 20% to 60% Relative Humidity
Altitude: 0 to 8,000 feet
8,000 to 13,129 feet below 90% efficiency
Storage Ranges, Intended for Storage Temperature: -20 F to 150 Fahrenheit (-29 to 65 Celsius)
Humidity: 20% to 60% relative humidity
Store in a Dry, Safe Environment
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General Questions
What are the dimensions of the Invacare Perfecto 2?
Here are the dimensions in inches and metric form for the Invacare Perfecto 2 home oxygen concentrator: Inches: 13 inches Wide x 11.5 inches Deep x 23 inches High. Metric: 33 cm Wide x 29.2 cm Deep x 58.4 cm High.
How loud is the Invacare Perfecto 2?
The Invacare Perfecto 2 home oxygen concentrator is a quiet unit that only produces 43 decibels of noise. This is roughly as loud as an operating refrigerator. Learn more about
What is the Invacare Perfecto 2 electricity usage?
This is an efficient oxygen concentrator. In fact, the Invcare Perfecto 2 home oxygen concentrator consumes a modest 280 watts of energy when set at 3 LPM. Learn more about
Is the Invacare Perfecto 2 easy to maneuver?
The unit has a slim design with spinning wheels to make moving it carefree and effortless. It also has an easy-grab handle to make moving it easier
Can I use the Invacare Perfecto 2 with a generator?
Yes, you can use a generator with the Invacare Perfecto 2 as it is very energy efficient while only using 280 watts on average.
What happens if the Invacare Perfecto 2 is not working correctly?
The unit has an alarm system with safety warnings in case there is power loss, low flow, sieve bed replacement and more.
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