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Oxygen is our passion, and our Oxygen Specialists have countless years of experience helping oxygen therapy user and patients find the accurate product to suit their medical needs and lifestyle. By phone, in our retail location, and through online chat, our Oxygen Specialists are always ready to answer your questions.

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Sales Managers

Aaron Searls AMSR Picture

Aaron Searls Sales Manager

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  • 303-483-7147

Aaron has been a dedicated member of the AMSR team since July 2014. Prior to that, he worked over 6 years in a fitness gym assisting with coaching, mentoring, and developing healthy living habits with people of all ages. Aaron loves rooting for the Colorado Avalanche and enjoys all things outdoors. He has a passion for helping others and is always looking to improve himself.

Stefani Cinto AMSR Picture

Stefani Cinto  Sales Manager

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  • 303-483-7162

Stefani, moved to Colorado from Nashville, TN where she taught ballroom dance. Stefani joined the AMSR team in the Summer of 2017 and brings over 5 years of experience to her role. Outside of work, Stefani enjoys ballroom and salsa dancing, kickboxing, and running.

Courtney Foutch AMSR Picture

Courtney Foutch  Sales Manager

  • 303-483-7151

Courtney is originally from Tennessee but has been living in Colorado for the past 10 years. She has been in sales since she was 19 years old. She came to AMSR in March of 2018. She has a Master's degree in Business Project Management. She likes to play golf, shop, and spend time with her dog. His name is Targi and he is a French bulldog mixed with a Boston terrier. She says, "I enjoy working for the company because I get to help people in need every day.

Oxygen Specialists

Nick Vannatta AMSR Picture

Nick Vannatta  Lead Oxygen Specialist

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  • 303-483-7158

Nick joined AMSR in 2007. He has been factory-trained by Respironics, DeVilbiss, Inogen, Invacare, and SeQual. He is also certified to repair select Respironics and SeQual products. Nick enjoys getting to know his customers, and they often ask for him by name.

Bret Bennett AMSR Picture

Bret Bennett Oxygen Specialist

  • Email Bret Bennett
  • Call Bret Bennett
  • 303-483-7163

Bret joined AMSR in 2012 and is factory trained by Sequal, Respironics, and Invacare. He says he has never had a more fulfilling job and loves to connect with people over the phone. Helping customers finding the best solution for them is his number one priority.

Sean Lowe AMSR Picture

Sean Lowe Oxygen Specialist

  • Email Sean Lowe
  • Call Sean Lowe
  • 303-483-7145

Sean is originally from Louisiana but was born in Colorado Springs. He has over 10 years of experience in medical sales and his favorite part of his job is listening to customers and being a solution provider for something as important as oxygen! Outside of work, Sean likes to watch sports, run, and is an avid golf player and fan.

Kathryn Brailsford AMSR Picture

Kathryn Brailsford  Oxygen Specialist

  • 303-569-4068

Kathryn Brailsford joined AMSR in October 2019. She grew up in Littleton, Colorado and enjoys all the outdoor adventure Colorado has to offer. When she is not at work she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons.

Luke Corrick AMSR Picture

Luke Corrick  Oxygen Specialist

  • 303-647-9491

Luke, a Colorado native, was born and raised in Denver. He graduated and played college baseball at the University of Northern Colorado. He started with AMSR in 2018. Outside of work he likes to play golf, and take trips to the mountains to go snowboarding and mountain biking!

Halle Cooper AMSR Picture

Halle Cooper  Oxygen Specialist

  • 303-731-6395

Halle is from West Palm Beach, Florida and went to FSU for her undergrad and Lynn University for her masters. She joined AMSR in the spring of 2019 when she moved out to Denver. Most of her time outside of work revolves around painting, making music, and staying outside!

Katie Yeadon AMSR Picture

Katie Yeadon  Oxygen Specialist

  • 303-732-6019

Katie Yeadon, born and raised in Indiana, grew up with a very large family. She is 1 of 6 kids, her dad is one of 15 children, and to date there are over 90 grandkids just on that side of the family. She moved to Colorado over 16 years ago and has never left. She loves the sunny skies and moderate weather and tries to get outside whenever she can. She loves hiking and fresh Colorado mountain air.

She has been with AMSR for over a year now and loves taking care of people who need our services. She says, "It is very rewarding knowing that each person I connect with is getting the best service and knowledge out there. I love giving our customer's the best solution for their issue and to let them know life can always get better with what we have to offer."

Eric Stark AMSR Picture

Eric Stark  Oxygen Specialist

  • 303-483-7161

Eric is from Pipestone, MN. He joined AMSR in December 2018. Outside of work he enjoys being active and likes shooting hoops, playing disc golf, spending time with his family and friends, and playing video games.

Jake Kinlaw AMSR Picture

Jake Kinlaw  Oxygen Specialist

  • 303-483-7141

Jake, originally from Dallas, TX, moved to Colorado when he was ten and loves it here. He graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies & History (double major) in the Spring of 2013. He is versatile and loves snowboarding, hiking, shooting, and working out. He has always been passionate about sports and played football and practiced mixed martial arts from a very young age. Moreover, he was the MVP and captain of his Lacrosse team for 3 years running. He loves having fun and going out with his friends. He has two dogs and has been married for over six years. He adds, "My late dad was a huge inspiration to me, and he exemplified what it meant to be a good person, and treat others with respect."

Rex Albert AMSR Picture

Rex Albert  Oxygen Specialist

  • 303-483-7148

Rex started working at AMSR early 2019. He was previously a Nurse for over a decade. When not working he's likely outside paddle boarding and snowboarding in the winters.

Matthew Schock AMSR Picture

Matthew Schock  Oxygen Specialist - Nebraska

  • 303-672-8007

Matt moved to Colorado from Lincoln Nebraska about 2 years ago and has been with AMSR for over a year. Outside of work he enjoys Football and getting outdoors.

Jacob Solomon AMSR Picture

Jacob Solomon  Oxygen Specialist

  • 303-672-8007

Jacob has been a committed member of AMSR since May 2022. He has worked in sales for 10+ years and is excited to help people breathe easy. Jacob loves producing music, the Denver Broncos, traveling and being active in the outdoors. He has a passion for helping others and loves to see his customers smile.


Linda Ganje AMSR Picture

Linda Ganje Rental Specialist

  • Email Linda Ganje
  • Call Linda Ganje
  • 303-483-7154

Linda joined AMSR in 2008 and has been factory trained by Sequal, Inogen, Respironics, Invacare, AirSep, Inova Labs and DeVilbiss. She enjoys educating people about the various oxygen concentrator options and assisting them in selecting the products that best fit their needs. She loves to see the joy and the freedom that oxygen concentrators bring to their lives.

Buy Backs

Kristina Maynard  AMSR Picture

Kristina Maynard  Buy Back Specialist

  • Email Kristina Maynard
  • Call Kristina Maynard
  • 303-483-7137

Kristina joined AMSR in September of 2015, choosing to relocate to Colorado from the West Coast. Thrilled to contribute to a locally owned company that dedicates itself to being preeminent in our industry. Outside the office, Kristina enjoys music, jewelry and vintage cars.

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