Home Concentrator Buying Guide

Home Oxygen Concentrator Buying Guide

Worrying about oxygen refills is a waste of your time and energy, when you should just be focusing on living your life and staying healthy. Oxygen tanks are unnecessary, costly over time and even dangerous if you're not careful with them. Our home oxygen concentrators are from the most trusted brands and are made to last, with very minimal maintenance. Oxygen concentrators work by using the air around them. The machines filter out high concentrations of oxygen, so you can easily and quickly get the oxygen you need.

Brands: Invacare, AirSep, Respirionics, SeQual, DeVilbiss

EverFlo Q Home Concentrator Respironics EverFlo Q – Our customers are pleasantly surprised by this lightweight, 31 lb home model and it's slim design. The EverFlo Q is also one of our most energy efficient home concentrators, so you will be saving on your electric bill with this oxygen concentrator. It features continuous flow settings from 0.5 to 5 LMP, at around a 90% to 93% purity. 45 decibels.

Respironics Millennium M10 – It might be bigger and bulkier than it's younger cousin, the EverFlo Q, but it's capable of delivering twice as much oxygen. The wheels at the bottom make it easy to swivel and maneuver the machine around and out of the way. The control panel on the front is simple and easy to work with. This is one of our sturdiest and low maintenance models, and ideal for those who need high doses of oxygen.

Invacare Perfecto 2 – This is another small, light and energy efficient home oxygen concentrator. It's LMP settings are 0.5 to 5, and it can filter oxygen to a maximum purity of 95%. The control panel buttons and displays are all close together, and the swivel wheels stay hidden underneath the cabinet, preventing them from bumping into things if you need to move it from one area of your home to another. The filter is easily accessible when you do need to clean or replace it.

Invacare Platinum 10 – The difference between these two models, is the Platinum 10 with highly sensitive and accurate SenseO2 is able to let you know when the oxygen purity has reached the the level that you need. These models can both deliver oxygen at 2 to 10 LPM, with a maximum concentration of 95.6%.

Invacare HomeFill – This concentrator is convenient because it allows you to refill your own tank with compressed oxygen, which you can then take with you if you need to use your oxygen while you are out of the house. The HomeFill tank is also compatible with the Platinum 10 and Platinum 10 with SenseO2 models. While you are receiving oxygen from the machine, you can simultaneously fill the tank before you leave. The HomeFill system is relatively small and light at just 33 lbs, and only uses a max of 200 watts, making it one of the most energy efficient and convenient concentrators.

DeVilbiss 525 DS – Even though it's low maintenance and sturdy, this model is made to be patient friendly for easy access to replaceable parts. It also has added safety features, such as the lockable flow meter and a sensor that gives a highly accurate reading of purity. It features handles on the side as well as the top and is taller than it is wide so that it takes up less space. It puts out oxygen on the settings of 1 to 5 LPM.

DeVilBiss Ifill Personal Oxygen Station – This is another oxygen concentrator that allows you to fill your own portable tanks, which are compatible with any equipment you may already have. You can set them to release pulse dose, as well as a continuous flow. This is a hefty concentrator, but it's made to full the cylinders quickly (a little over 1 hour), and only the cylinders need to be portable. Even so, this home refill concentrator won't take up much room in your home. It can refill cylinders that between the sizes of M4 and E.

AirSep VisionAire Home Concentrator – This 1 – 5 LPM home concentrator is petite, lightweight at 30 lbs, as quiet as a library whisper, and the sleek black cabinet allows it to blend in with its surroundings. The most electricity it has been known to use at one time is only 290 watts, which makes it another one of our most energy efficient home models. You won't need to worry about replacing any filters with this model, and it requires very little to know user maintenance.

Sequal Integra Home Concentrator – This model's capability of holding large humidifiers, makes it ideal for someone who needs extra moisture when receiving oxygen. Its our heaviest model at 57 lbs, but it offers a wide LPM range, from 0.5 to 10. The 9 volt battery backup has you covered, if you lose power in your home. It features a simple, easy to read control and LCD screen for a quick, accurate reading.

Home Concentrator Glossary

LPM: Is Liters Per Minute, which is how the flow of oxygen is delivered from oxygen therapy machines.

Continuous Flow – Oxygen is being emitted at a constant rate. All home oxygen concentrators feature continuous flow settings.

Energy Usage – Measured usually in watts. Many higher capacity home concentrators can over 500 watts at their high settings. Newer, lower capacity models will average around 300 watts or less at their highest settings.

Filters – Oxygen concentrators use a filter to keep airborne debris that might be in the ambient air from entering the machine.

Humidifiers – A detachable reservoir is filled with water and installed on the concentrator, which will help moisten the oxygen before you breathe it in. Humidifiers help prevent the discomfort of dry throats and nasal passages.

How to Choose a Home Concentrator

To start, refer to the prescription written by your doctor, and narrow your search down to the home concentrators that will meet your oxygen needs. You can then select by size and energy consumption, as well as other specifications in the concentrators that are within your budget and financing abilities. View our Home Concentrator Comparison Guide.