What if I continue to experience mask leakage during the night?

A misconception with many CPAP users is that a CPAP mask should be 100% leak free. All CPAP masks have a slight leak. A variety of issues may cause an excessive mask leakage. Here are a few helpful tips: with your machine running, pull your CPAP mask away from your face so that the seal can be properly inflated. Then gently set the CPAP mask back into place. Make sure that your CPAP mask is not too tight. It is of great importance that all head straps and chin straps have been tightened correctly and evenly. For instance, make sure that the head strap is not tighter than your chin strap.

If you are experiencing deep creases or marks on your face, this is a sign that your straps are too tight. Loosen the head straps to allow proper inflation; the mask cannot inflate properly when the straps are too tight. You will have to readjust your mask with use and if a leak occurs. Purchasing a different CPAP mask might not be the answer to your problem. Be patient and allow yourself time to adjust and fit the CPAP mask to your head and facial structure. If you continue to have problems, give our CPAP experts a call for alternative solutions.
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