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Top-Rated Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Top Rated Pulse Dose and Continous Flow Portable Concentrators

Our selection of top rated portable oxygen concentrators that are small, lightweight and an affordable portable oxygen solution. Portable units are designed to help cover all oxygen needs and our Oxygen Specialist are available to assist in selecting a concentrator suited to your requirements.

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Top-Rated Stationary and Home Concentrators

Home Oxygen Concentrators

Home and Stationary Concentrators

Our selection of advanced stationary and home oxygen concentrators are powerful, energy efficient and low decibel operation. View home oxygen units from leading brands such as CAIRE, Philips Respironics, Invacare and Inogen that come in many sizes and flow settings that fit your oxygen needs.

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Short-Term Stationary and Portable Oxygen Rentals

Oxygen Concentrator Rentals

Stationary and Portable Rentals

View our selection of oxygen concentrator short-term rentals that are available for daily, weekly and monthly options. Stationary or portable, you can have your rental as early as today!

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"When you breathe easier, we breathe easier."

Oxygen Concentrator Store from American Medical Sales and Rentals has over 20 years of oxygen therapy experience and is a top-rated oxygen supplier. We offer the highest quality brands of portable oxygen concentrators, home oxygen concentrators and solutions for sleep therapy. Our Respiratory Specialists are fully trained on every product we carry and are here to answer any questions you have.

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The Oxygen Concentrator Store Difference

19 Years of Oxygen Experience: We've served more than 70,000 customers with oxygen solutions since 2001.
Industry Leading Accreditation: ACHC Accredited and an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating.
Breathe Easy Guarantee: 100% Five Day Return Policy and 100% Price Match Guarantee.
Lifetime Technical Support: Service and support for the life of your unit.
Highly Trained Specialists: Fully trained Respiratory Staff to help select the product that meets your needs.
Extended Availability: Open 7 days a week, 364 days a year with US based showroom and call center.

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Free Oxygen Therapy Guide

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Why Select Oxygen Concentrator Store?

Why Choose Oxygen Concentrator Store?

We take pride in the level of quality products and services we provide for our customers. We are a full-service oxygen supplier and believe that our relationship with the patient begins after the sale. Our trained Oxygen Specialists offer a relaxed process to find you the perfect equipment to fit not only your medical needs but lifestyle as well!

ACHC Accredited
Customer Testimonials
BBB and Manufacturer Accreditation
Oxygen Concentrator Store Customer Service

Customer Service and Support

At American Medical, Oxygen Concentrator Store, we pride ourselves on our excellent service and support. Whether you need service on your unit, you have a troubleshooting question, or you just want to say hi, we want to hear from you! Please contact us and we will do all that we can to ensure your experience is seamless and hassle-free.

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Oxygen Therapy Product Buying Guides

Oxygen Product Buying Guides

View our oxygen therapy buying guides for an easy-access directory to our oxygen products; these guides will make more informed decisions about your next product purchase. Our buying guides are helpful resources that educate customers about concentrators, accessories, rentals and more. Learn answers to your questions.

How to Select a POC
Portable Oxygen Buying Guide
Home Oxygen Buying Guide
Medicare Buying Guide
Oxygen Therapy Product Buying Guides

Concentrators From Top Brands

You have many options when it comes to choosing an home or portable oxygen concentrator. Oxygen Concentrator Store only carries top-rated brands that provide products that meet quality and performance criteria.

CAIRE Oxygen Concentrators
Inogen Oxygen Concentrators
Philips Oxygen Concentrators
Invacare Oxygen Concentrators
Oxygen Concentrator Supplies for a Mobile Lifestyle

Return to Your Mobile Lifestyle

The most common feedback we receive from customers is: "I love having a tankless oxygen machine, it gives me my freedom back and I love not having to worry if I am going to run out of oxygen." A portable concentrator can go anywhere.

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Units for Every Lifestyle and Budget

Units for Every Lifestyle and Budget

Find the oxygen concentrator that fits your medical needs, lifestyle and budget. We offer new pulse and continuous units. We also have a large inventory of gently refurbished used oxygen concentrators and offer short and long term rentals.

Continuous Flow
Pulse Dose Concentrators
Used Concentrators
Unit Rentals
Learn More About Oxygen Concentrator Store

Learn More About Oxygen Concentrator Store

We offer the lowest guaranteed prices available — sometimes so low the manufacturer will not allow us to display the prices on our website. Please call us at 1.877.774.9271 to receive pricing information on the product you would like to know more about. Our fully trained Respiratory Staff is available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. MST Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST on Saturday and Sunday. Oxygen Concentrator Store is also an Authorized Oxygen Supplier for the following manufacturers: CAIRE, Inogen, Philips Respironics, Invacare, ResMed, AirSep, DeVilbiss, Oxus, Inova Labs and more.

We are accredited by the ACHC and have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and currently hold an A+ rating with the BBB so you will have absolute trust with your purchase, our company, our pricing and our customer service team. We take pride in the level of quality products and services we provide for our customers. We are a full-service oxygen supplier and believe that our relationship with the patient begins after the sale. Our trained Oxygen Specialists offer a relaxed process to find you the perfect equipment to fit not only your medical needs but lifestyle as well! Learn more about Why Customers Choose Us and our BBB and Manufacturer Accreditation.

We also carry the highest quality CPAP and BiPAP machines that are used for sleep therapy. Our CPAP products provide excellence in user comfort, reliability and affordability for users who require assistance during sleep. We have the top CPAP sleep products from ResMed, DeVilbiss, and Respironics.

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Our ACHC Accreditation

The ACHC is a national organization that was developed to ensure smart, quality-focused patient care with clearly defined standards for in-home medical services. The ACHC dictates that to receive its accreditation a company must be represented as credible and reputable while being continuously dedicated to maintaining the highest level of quality and service.

Testing to acquire this accreditation is very rigorous and requires companies to be very transparentAs such, many companies choose not to pursue it or are unable to abide by its high standards due to their own business practices. American Medical Sales and Rentals has been proudly ACHC accredited since 2012 and will continue to provide excellent patient care demonstrated by our patient-focused care and commitment to excellence. Learn more about ACHC Accreditation.

Top Portable Oxygen Concentrators for 2021

There are many oxygen concentrator options on the market, and it can be tough to choose a model. To help you decide which machine best suits your lifestyle, we’ve rounded up the top portable oxygen concentrators for 2021. Read our choices below to find out which device is the one for you. Remember, speak with your doctor and review your prescription to find out your oxygen requirements.

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Why Choose Oxygen Concentrator Store and AMSR?

Here at American Medical Sales and Rentals, we know that once you’ve been prescribed oxygen therapy things can get a little overwhelming. There’s a lot of information to learn and a lot of equipment and products to consider. Luckily, here at the Oxygen Concentrator Store by American Medical, we’re well versed, being an industry leader since 2001.

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