Are there any down-sides to oxygen therapy?

Although it is tempting to think you can get by without oxygen, research shows using oxygen can significantly improve your quality of life. A common misconception is that by using supplemental oxygen, you will become more dependent upon it and subsequently weaken your natural ability to process oxygen. Contrary to this comment, using supplemental oxygen will allow the natural processes in your body to work more efficiently, decrease excess strain, and increasing your overall health.

Another possible downside to oxygen therapy is that some people experience a bit of dryness in their nose or sinuses from receiving oxygen. You may find you need to experiment with several types of cannulas or skin gels in order to achieve an arrangement that is most comfortable for you. Luckily, today, innovations in cannula technology allow for a softer, cushioned, and more comfortable fit than ever before.

Are There any Down-Sides to Oxygen Therapy?
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