SeQual Eclipse 3 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum setting of pulse and continuous settings on the SeQual Eclipse 3?
The SeQual Eclipse 3 has a maximum setting of 6 on pulse and a maximum continuous setting of 3. This machine can be used during the day and at night, pulse for day if doctor recommended and continuous flow for night.

Will the SeQual Eclipse 3 fit under a seat in an airplane?
The SeQual Eclipse 3’s dimensions are: 12.3 in X 19.3 in X 7.1 in depending on the type of aircraft you are traveling on, this machine may or may not fit under the seat in an airplane. You also have to take into consideration the larger wheels on the cart, the cart will have to be detracted from the unit and stored in the overhead compartment.

What is the noise level of the SeQual Eclipse 3?
The SeQual Eclipse 3 has a rated decibel level DBA of 40 on a setting of 3 pulse. On continuous flow at the highest setting 3, the machine had a decibel level DBA of 48. When you increase the settings of the machine, the DBA level will increase because the compressor has to work at a faster rate in order to operate at a higher setting.

What is the weight of the SeQual Eclipse 3 with the battery and without the battery?
The SeQual Eclipse 3 with the battery in the machine weighs 18.4 pounds. If you remove the battery from the machine, the unit weighs 15 pounds as each battery weighs 3.4 pounds.

Will the SeQual Eclipse 3 operate and charge the battery off the DC power in the vehicle?
The SeQual Eclipse 3 will operate/run the machine but will NOT recharge the battery at the same time off DC power (Plug into your cigarette lighter). When plugged into the DC power, always remove the battery from the machine. The main reason behind this theory is if the vehicle senses a power jolt, the machine will automatically switch to battery when plugged in (thinking you are not using your battery/charging) when you unplug the machine from the cigarette lighter, you have a dead battery in the unit. In the vehicle plugged into DC power, always remove the battery and run the machine direct. The machine will only produce 2 LPM on continuous flow in the vehicle due to power restrictions, the machine will not go to the full 3 LPM off DC power. Always plug the DC adapter from the SeQual Eclipse 3 to the cigarette lighter up front in the vehicle, not the power supply in the back seat. The reason behind this is the other cigarette lighter plugs are weaker than the front plug. The other cigarette lighter ports in the vehicle may not be strong enough to operate/run and charge the battery on the SeQual Eclipse 3.

Can you use a humidifier bottle with the SeQual Eclipse 3?
Yes. You can use a humidifier bottle with the SeQual Eclipse 3. The machine must be set on continuous for a humidifier bottle to work. When using a humidifier bottle, don’t pull the machine around leave it stationary. If you have a humidifier bottle on the machine and you are laying the unit down or going over bumps with the cart, the water can get backed up in the tubing and go into the machine.

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