CAIRE SeQual Eclipse 3 Portable Concentrator

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A+ BBB Rating

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Excellent Trustpilot Customer Rating

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Price Match Guarantee

  • autoSAT Technology
  • 15 Pounds
  • FAA Approved

CAIRE SeQual Eclipse 3 Portable Concentrator Description

The CAIRE SeQual Eclipse 3 portable oxygen concentrator is one of the most stable pulse dose and continuous flow units in a 24 hour, 7 days a week package. The Eclipse 3 is one of the leading portable concentrators for mobile and stationary oxygen needs. The Eclipse separates oxygen from ambient air by filtering and dividing nitrogen and oxygen, and then it removes the nitrogen. This cycle then concentrates the oxygen and delivers it to you.

The Eclipse 3 can provide oxygen in both Pulse Dose and Continuous Flow Modes. In Pulse Dose Mode, oxygen is supplied in a burst at the beginning of each breath. providing a selectable range setting of 16 to 192 mL. In Continuous Flow Mode, the oxygen is supplied at a constant flow with rates between 0.5 and 3.0 liters per minute.

The battery life can last for up to 3 hours (depending on setting) and can be charged while in use. The unit operates on either internal rechargeable battery power or an external power source. It includes a desktop battery charger that recharges the internal battery when the unit is connected to any external power source.

It features an easy to transport cart with an effortless telescoping handle to transport the unit over even the toughest terrain. This is one of the most user-friendly portable concentrators available today. It also comes bundled with a variety of accessories to help support the active lifestyle, including an accessory bag and cart.

The SeQual Eclipse is approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for use during flights on most major airlines. You can also use it on buses, trains, cruise ships, and boats.

Don’t be tied down to oxygen tanks or large home concentrators. Get your freedom back!

This product has been DISCONTINUED, please view the New CAIRE SeQual Eclipse 5 Mobile Concentrator
More Information
Product Features SeQual’s Patented autoSAT Technology. Pulse Dose Mode will deliver a continuous flow of oxygen, always searching for a breath about every 15 seconds. Approved for Prescription Oxygen in continuous flow mode of 0.5 - 3.0 liters per minute. LCD screen that shows LPM and mL on the display, as well as easy touch control settings that function on fast, medium and slow settings. The Universal Cart has a new modern design that allows for trouble-free access to battery. Both AC and DC power adapters are smaller and lighter weight, yet more durable. The AC/DC and battery power choices increase therapy options and allow for more travel opportunities. FAA approved for most commercial flights. Also approved for use on buses, cruise ships and most other methods of travel. Wide array of accessories to help support an active lifestyle Easy access to maintenance and service information
Manufacturer CAIRE
Dimensions 12.3 inches Wide x 7.1 inches Deep x 19.3 inches High
Product Weight 15 pounds, 18.4 pounds with battery
FAA Approved Yes
Warranty Three-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Unit
One-year Warranty on Accessories
Alarms / Alerts Pulse Dose Mode, Lower Battery Power, Loss or No Power, Unit Failure, No Inspiration Detected, Low Therapeutic O2 Output, O2 Flow Outside Normal Limits
Battery Charging Time It may take up to 5 hours, depending on the flow setting, to achieve 80 percent capacity from a completely uncharged battery.
Battery Duration Up to 3.7 hours at 1.0 LPM continuous flow Up to 1.3 hours at 3.0 LPM continuous flow Up to 4.4 hours at 1.0 pulse flow setting Up to 2.1 hours at 6.0 pulse flow setting
Flow Settings Pulse Dose: 16 - 96 in 16 mL increments, 128, 160 and 192 mL Continuous Flow: 0.5 to 3.0 Liters Per Minutes in 0.5 increments
Maximum Oxygen Output 3000 ml/min
Noise Level 40 Decibels @ 3.0 Pulse Dose, 48 Decibels @ 3 Liters per minute on continuous flow
Outlet Pressure 5.0 Nominal PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)
Oxygen Purity 90% @ sea level (+/- 3%)
Power AC Operation: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz DC Input: 13.5-15 VDC, 10A
Power Consumption 52 watts at 1.0 and 145 watts at 3.0 Continuous Flow 45 watts at 1.0 and 95 watts at 6.0 Pulse Dose
Trigger Sensitivity Adjustable trigger ranging from -.125 cm to -0.4 cm
Operating Ranges, Intended for Use Altitude: Sea level to 13,123 feet Temperature: 50 to 104 degree Fahrenheit @ 82.4 Fahrenheit non-condensing, dew point.
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