Alternative Ways to Pay for an Oxygen Concentrator

Paying for oxygen therapy equipment shouldn't be a painful process. Here, we will help walk you through some of the payment methods that we offer at Oxygen Concentrator Store. Oxygen concentrators can be pricey, depending on the type and the model, as well as the features and settings. A stationary oxygen concentrator will cost much less than a portable oxygen concentrator.

Either way you slice it, you will be saving money in the lung run, because you won't need to order oxygen refills. Oxygen concentrators might be on the costly side because of their technology that filters the oxygen within the machine itself, but you will no longer have to purchase or bother with purchasing the oxygen you need. It's always there in the air around you, available to you through the oxygen concentrator.

Which one you get depends on how often you need to use it, the dosage you need, and when exactly you need to use it. Your doctor will help you decide on the type of oxygen concentrator you should buy, after you've gotten a prescription. You will need your prescription handy when buy the oxygen concentrator you need, no matter which payment plan or which oxygen concentrator you buy.

We understand that most people don't have a huge chunk of change to spend right off the bat. Here are your options for purchasing an oxygen concentrator from American Medical.

You can opt for Bill Me Later through PayPal and, which makes it possible for you to receive your oxygen concentrator, and work out payments on a later date. You will need to approved through your credit, so you will need to provide your social security number on Bill Me Later's secure website. This is a perfect option if you have good credit, and as long as you know you will have the money to pay it off.

You also have the options of 90 days same as cash payments, as well as 24 or 36 month financing. You will go through a financing process with our company and our financing partner, which will include running your credit and approving your income, just as if you were trying to finance a car, only on a much smaller scale. This process will take a few days to a week because it will be done through the mail, and we will be working with our financing partner to forward your information.

You also have the option of buying one of our lower priced used and refurbished oxygen concentrators, in the model that you want. To see if we have available one that you want, give us a call. You should also keep a look out on our website for coupon codes and any special offers we might have going on at any given time. Our used and refurbished inventory changes frequently, so you should check to see if the one you need is available. We also have a buy back program and a newer model trade program, if you have one that you might want to trade in for a newer one.

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