• Financing the Respironics SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator

    The SimplyGo mobile concentrator by Respironics is one of our most popular out of both the portable and stationary oxygen concentrators. It meets the needs of being one of the most portable and convenient, as well as meeting oxygen needs with higher doses of pulse dose oxygen, as well as continuous flow oxygen up to 2 LPM (liters per minute). We want to make our best products more available to all, regardless of price, and that's why we offer a few great financing options. You deserve the SimplyGo, which is among the best of the best.

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  • Getting Financed for the Respironics SimplyFlo

    The SimplyGo holds court as the smallest and lightest stationary oxygen concentrator on the market today. It's stationary because it can only run on AC power and does not take batteries, but it is the size and weight of many of the mid-sized portable models! It has 1 and 2 LPM (liters per minute) continuous flow settings and is very portable and energy efficient.

    Why would an oxygen therapy patient want the SimplyFlo?

    First, you have to make sure it will cover your oxygen therapy needs. If you need more than 2 LPM of continuous flow oxygen, then the SimplyFlo is not for you. If you are prescribed 1 LPM or 2 LPM, then it will meet your oxygen needs.

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  • Financing the Inogen One G3 Oxygen Concentrator

    One of our most popular portable oxygen concentrators is the Inogen One G3, and for good reason. Actually, it's for several good reasons. This concentrator has all the great features of its predecessor, the G2, but is lighter and can concentrate more oxygen in the same amount of time, at a very high purity. This wonderful little concentrate awards its users with even more freedom and convenience.

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  • Financing the SeQual Eclipse 5 Oxygen Concentrator

    The SeQual Eclipse 5 is one of the newest portable oxygen concentrators on the market, and the latest and most improved-upon model in the Eclipse line. It features all the best from its predecessor, Eclipse 3, with a few things that make it much more convenient and ideal for travel. Portable concentrators were made to make it safer and easier to travel and go anywhere you need to go, and the Eclipse 5 accomplishes that, while providing the oxygen you need.

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  • Financing Options to Help You Pay for Your Oxygen Concentrator

    If there is an oxygen concentrator that would be perfect for your needs, you shouldn't be intimidated by the price tag. Many people who can get an oxygen concentrator are missing out, because they feel that they cannot afford it. This is why Oxygen Concentrator Store has several options available for you to finance an oxygen concentrator, and they are all pretty simple and easy to set up.

    Why should you get an oxygen concentrator? Oxygen concentrators make it much more convenient for those who need medical oxygen therapy, because you don't have to keep purchasing oxygen refills. Oxygen concentrators do just as their name suggests – they concentrate the air from the room into a much higher purity of oxygen for you to breathe in through a mask or nasal cannula. They give you a wider range of travel possibilities and generally more freedom in life.

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  • How to Pay for a Oxygen Concentrator with Paypal or PayPal Credit

    You can quickly and easily pay for anything online or even in person with PayPal, and that goes for oxygen concentrators from American Medical, as well. If you're not sure what PayPal is – it's a service online that functions much like a bank, but it makes it extremely easy for you to send money, as long as there is money on your PayPal account. This is only one of the things PayPal allows you to do, but it's what you'd be doing when purchasing an oxygen concentrator from us.

    PayPal is secure and is connected to your email address. You can link your bank account to your PayPal account so you can add money to your PayPal, or you can purchase the Green Dot MoneyPak at a store that provides them, with however much money you'd like to load into your PayPal account. You would then get on the PayPal website on your account, and enter the MoneyPak card number into the appropriate box.

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  • Financing the Inogen One G2 Oxygen Concentrator

    If you need pulse dose oxygen at a setting of 6, the Inogen One G2 mobile unit is your best bet for the most lightweight and convenient way to receive your oxygen therapy. There are many great features about this portable oxygen concentrator that make it a crowd favorite.

    We want to make sure anyone who needs it can get it, and that's why we offer a few easy ways to make and payments and finance our concentrators.

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  • Alternative Ways to Pay for an Oxygen Concentrator

    Paying for oxygen therapy equipment shouldn't be a painful process. Here, we will help walk you through some of the payment methods that we offer at Oxygen Concentrator Store. Oxygen concentrators can be pricey, depending on the type and the model, as well as the features and settings. A stationary oxygen concentrator will cost much less than a portable oxygen concentrator.

    Either way you slice it, you will be saving money in the lung run, because you won't need to order oxygen refills. Oxygen concentrators might be on the costly side because of their technology that filters the oxygen within the machine itself, but you will no longer have to purchase or bother with purchasing the oxygen you need. It's always there in the air around you, available to you through the oxygen concentrator.

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