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  • How Cured Meats Might be Bad for Your Lungs

    Here is another reason you might want to skip the bacon and sausage at breakfast – according to recent medical studies, eating cured meats increases the risk of developing COPD, and there is evidence that it can also cause the condition to worsen. If you already have an increased risk of developing COPD due to your history as a smoker and genetics, then you will definitely want to cut down your consumption of cured meats, or cut it out of your diet completely.

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  • Cow's Milk and Soy Milk – Comparing the Benefits for Those With COPD

    Milk is something everyone should be drinking in one form or another. Sometimes it's not enough to only eat cheese or rely on other dairy foods. According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), if you want to get the full nutritional benefits of dairy, you should be drinking three, 8-ounce glasses of milk per day.

    Proteins, calcium and the amino acids our bodies need are plentiful in cows milk. If you have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), you have an even more significant need for the nutritional value of dairy. Your body has to work harder to breathe, so you burn up more energy. You might notice that you or someone else had lost a considerable amount of weight shortly before they were diagnosed with the disease. Your body burns more calories and uses up more nutrients to get the job done.

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  • Can Lung Function Be Improved After COPD Diagnosis?

    Just because you've been diagnosed with COPD, doesn't mean you should go ahead and give up on your lungs. Your lungs have been damaged over time, and most likely, you won't be able to get them back to that of a person who has never smoked. Depending on the severity of your condition, however, you might be able to improve your lung function enough so that you won't need to use oxygen therapy as often, or your doctor might find it safe to lower the dosage on your medication.

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