SeQual eQuinox Portable Concentrator

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A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

A+ BBB Rating

Excellent Trustpilot Customer Rating

Excellent Trustpilot Customer Rating

Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

  • Pulse Dose and Continuous Flow
  • 14 Pounds - Lighter and Smaller than the Eclipse 5
  • Up to 5.7 Hours of Battery Life with Complete Package
  • Includes the eQuinox unit, 24 cell battery, AC power supply, DC power cord, cart, accessory bag, cannula, and manual.

SeQual eQuinox Portable Concentrator Description

The SeQual eQuinox is the newest and most exciting portable oxygen concentrator from SeQual, the brand that also brought you the SeQual Eclipse series. The eQuinox is the lightest portable oxygen concentrator with the ability to deliver up to 3 LPM (Liters Per Minute) of continuous flow oxygen, as well as a wide range of pulse dose settings. It weighs 12.8 pounds without the battery, and just 14 pounds with the battery, and is only 13.9 inches high by 11.9 inches wide and 6.9 inches deep, and it is easy to maneuver with the eQuinox mobile cart.

The battery is highly accessible, which makes it easier for you to switch out the battery when you are on the go. The SeQual eQuinox has two different sizes of battery, the 12 cell, and the 24 cell. On continuous flow setting of 2, you will have a total of 2.7 hours of battery life with the 24 cell battery. On a pulse dose setting of 2 you will enjoy 3.5 hours of battery life with the 12 cell battery, and 5.5 hours on the lowest setting.

The continuous flow range on the Equinox, is 0.5 to 3 LPM, in 0.5 increments, making this machine versatile for many oxygen therapy needs. The pulse doses range from 16 to 96 ml, in 16 ml increments. Additionally, the eQuinox has super dose settings of 128, 160, 192 ml; to meet the needs of those who need a higher pulse dose.

Among the great features, such as the AutoSAT technology and the pulse dose sensitivity settings, is the audible voice alert system. This voice alert system confirms flow rate settings, as well as how much battery life you have left and any other alarms. The verbal confirmations can also be set in not 1 or 2, but in 8 different languages. This means that you won't have to even look at your Equinox to know when your battery is getting low, and you can do so in whatever language you are most comfortable with.

The eQuinox is FAA approved for use on any commercial flight to or from the United States, and is quiet enough not to bother you, even while you are sleeping.

The SeQual eQuinox Starter Package includes the unit, 24 cell battery, AC power supply, DC power cord, cart, accessory bag, cannula, and manual. This package has a starting MSRP of $4050, please contact us for pricing questions.
More Information
Product Features Unit weighs 14 total pounds
Battery compartment is easily accessible
World’s lightest continuous flow mobile concentrator
8 different languages with voice warnings
Long battery duration
Manufacturer CAIRE
Dimensions 11.9 inches Wide x 6.9 inches Long x 13.9 inches High
Product Weight 12.8 pounds (unit only), 14 pounds with battery
FAA Approved Yes
Warranty 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Battery Charging Time 1.5 to 3.5 hours recharge time to reach 80% capacity battery life
Battery Duration Continuous Flow (24-Cell)
Setting 1 = 4.4 hours
Setting 2 = 2.8 hours
Setting 3 = 1.9 hours

Pulse Dose (24-Cell)
Setting 1 = 5.5 hours
Setting 2 = 5 hours
Setting 3 = 3.5 hours
Maximum Oxygen Output 3000 ml/min
Noise Level 37 decibels
Outlet Pressure 5.0 psig (34.5 kPa) nominal
Oxygen Purity 90% ± 3% at sea level
Power Consumption 1 LPM Continuous Flow = 52 watts
3 LPM Continuous Flow = 145 watts
Setting of 1 on Pulse Dose = 44 watts
Setting of 6 on Pulse Dose = 95 watts
Operating Ranges, Intended for Use 50° to 104° F
82.4° F dew point,
Items in the Box Includes the eQuinox unit (4837-SEQ), 24 cell battery (4972-SEQ), AC power supply (4836-SEQ), DC power cord (4830-SEQ), cart, accessory bag, cannula, and manual.
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General Questions
What are the dimensions of the SeQual eQuinox?
Here are the dimensions in inches and metric form for the SeQual eQuinox portable oxygen concentrator: Inches: 11.9 inches Wide x 6.9 inches Deep x 13.9 inches High. Metric: 30.2 cm Wide x 17.5 cm Deep x 35.3 cm High.
How loud is the SeQual eQuinox?
The SeQual eQuinox portable oxygen concentrator only produces 37 decibels of sound. This is about the same volume as a hushed conversation. Learn more about SeQual eQuinox...
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