Customer Reviews of the Respironics SimplyGo

Reviews of the Respironics SimplyGo
Respironics SimplyGo Concentrator
Manufacturer: Respironics
Sku: 1068987
Unit Overview:
  • Pulse Dose and Continuous Flow
  • 10 Pounds with Standard Battery
  • 3 Hour Battery Life with Standard Battery
  • Includes SimplyGo, standard battery, power adapter, AC/DC power cords, accessory bag, carry cart, cannula and manual.

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

  • Product Rating

    Review by Batteries
    on 5/15/2018

    EverGo was a better unit
    Wish there was still the option of the EverGo. I think it was a better unit.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Jackie Anderson
    on 4/21/2018

    The battery doesn't last long
    Great machine but the battery doesn't last long at all. I always have to rush shopping, I have a extra battery, but still not long enough using at 2 Lpm.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Leda Bartee
    on 4/15/2018

    Weight and Batteries
    I agree the respironics simply go says its 10 lbs. I agree with the that is feels a lot heavier, especially when going upstairs or walking long ways. I travel some, only a 2 hour flight and have 4 batteries. They don't last long enough for me. I have no problems with the 'noise' they make sleeping in a hotel room or cruise cabin, I guess I'm just a heavy sleeper.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Ronnie S
    on 1/16/2018

    Noisy/Short Battery Life
    The machine itself operates well. However, I hate having it in a hotel room or cruise cabin because of the noise. I've also had to limit altitude on mountain trips with this machine. And, when on 10 hour flights my carryon is mostly batteries since the airlines require that you have 'backup'.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Alan
    on 12/20/2017

    Great machine batteries are an issue
    I have had my machine for about 3 months and the machine works great but the batteries are an issue. They don't last to long mabye 2-2.5 hours. I have 4 batteries, don't get me wrong the unit world great but the batteries at $300.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Ron Fonte
    on 11/23/2017

    CAR accessory plug and Blowing Fuses.
    I had the same problem with my concentrator blowing the fuses in one of my three cars. Seems like different auto makers use different size wire and fuses. Using a heaver fuse is "not the fix" don't even go there. I had a separate accessory plug and fuse (30 amp breaker type) directly wired to the battery. Works great no problems... Ron
  • Product Rating

    Review by Joe
    on 1/3/2017

    Love this Machine
    This machine worked great for my needs. I recommended to my brother.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Jamie
    on 8/9/2016

    It works wonderful all the time.
    I have had it nearly a year now and my COPD has improved very much with the use of Oxygen and the prescription Breo. I learned that the battery does not charge up like it should unless I occasionally let it run the battery all the way down and then charge it up. This way you can get all the time and usefulness out of the battery. I change the connally or oxygen like once a week or depending on how much I use it. I wipe it off with a alcohol swab most every day or night. I wish the buttons were easier to push though. All and all it is a great machine and is well worth it.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Zia
    on 7/3/2016

    Good machine but batteries don't last long
    My Respironics Evergo got replaced by Respironics Easygo. Very disappointed that Evergo had each battery last a more than 2 hrs (set of two batteries gave about 4.5 hrs) at pulse dose of 6. But Evergo battery gives only one hr at pulse dose of 6 even though company claims it to last for 1.9 hrs. Also 4 extra batteies that I had bought for Evergo don't fit properly in new Easygo model. I tried to put one in and it slide all the way in and broke the tab off while removing it. If they had plastic sleeves available as accessories to fit batteries of Evergo model, I would have been able to use my 4 extra batteries that I had bought for Evergo with Easygo. Also AC and DC chargers of Evergo are not compatible with Easygo model. It is very sad that medical equipment manufacturers intentionally make their products incompatible with other models of their own, thus forcing poor patients to buy all their accessories and batteries all over. Other than this machine is working fine although I am using it only since last two days.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Vilma
    on 7/3/2016

    Good choice
    I have Pulmonary Hipertention. Dr. prescribed specifically this unit for several important reasons: it is strong unit, portable, it is FAA approved to travel by air, and has continuos flow. It helps me a lot and improved my daily life. Wish unit should be more light weight. It says 10 pounds, but feels heavier, I have to ask someone to help when going up stairs. Other than that, I move well at my office and when going outdoors. I know they have a mini simply go unit for these situations, but Doctor mentioned this unit is better for clinical requirements. I bought an extra battery and works perfect, I definitely recommend to by extra battery. Each one last aprox 3 hours and if you travel by car, you can keep it charged 100%. So in short words, maybe I can find a light weight unit, but this one is the appropriate if you have a serious health condition.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Very Noisy
    on 3/23/2016

    Very Noisy
    Have to put it in another room and shut the door. Took it on a cruise and people next door complained about the noise.
  • Product Rating

    Review by JM the Truckdriver
    on 8/31/2015

    It's a great work Horse!
    With that being said it means a lot to me. I also have severe COPD and I'm on 2 Lpm. I have to say that I wish that the company would come up with a new kind of battery life that would last longer than the one that came with. I'm sure that the manufacturer is working on it... as I am working on writing this review. Otherwise, I just love my great little work horse.

    Thanks, J.M.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Katie Allison
    on 7/14/2015

    It works wonderful and very well but the only problem I am having is we have a car that when we plug the concentrator in the cigarette lighter it blows the fuse. I was told to buy an inverter but don't know how big an inverter i need. We have another car that has a cigarette lighter and another separate plug in and the concentrator works fine in that car. I love it but we need a solution for the first car. Any suggestions?
  • Product Rating

    Review by Leo
    on 6/26/2015

    Good purchase
    I'm glad I decided to get the SimplyGo. My wife and I both use it and we noticed feeling so much better because we have COPD. It works very well and we like how low maintenance it is.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Tim K.
    on 6/5/2015

    Great for anyone!
    I'd recommend this portable oxygen concentrator to anyone who can use it for their oxygen therapy. I love it because it's easy to carry and it doesn't get in the way. I've taken it everywhere with me, and anyone can as long as they are smart with the battery.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Adelaide
    on 4/30/2015

    Good for travel
    This machine has gotten me to many places. I've been able to travele to several different countries with my husband since I got it. It gets the job done.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Lesley
    on 4/15/2015

    Really great!
    I've had my SimplyGo for a few years now and I've been very happy with it. The battery duration could be better, because I have to use 1.5 LPM continuous flow. I'd recommend it just for the light weight and easy portability.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Janet
    on 3/3/2015

    We're happy with it
    My husband also suffers from COPD & have recently bought the Respironics SimplyGo. We just traveled abroad with it and it's only that we used the 'sleep' mode once & the oxygen saturation was not satisfactory. We use the Everflo for home use. Overall we're happy with both O2 concentrator a by Respironics.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Tom in Mississippi
    on 3/2/2015

    Great machine!
    I have had a Simply go for the past three years and use it every time I leave the house. It rides on the console in the car, on the floor next to me in the RV and on the boat. I plug it into the cigarette lighter to keep the battery charged. Over time I have purchased 3 extra batteries which covers my out door extended activities. Gives the mobility that almost matches what I had before COPD.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Marcus N.
    on 7/11/2013

    Didn't bother anybody
    Very quiet and little I almost forgot I had brought it with me on my first flight in several years. I was self conscious but not for long. Small and quiet and just what I needed.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Chaz W.
    on 7/2/2013

    Great little machine, very sturdy
    I took this thing hiking with me in the mountains. It kept working just fine and lived up to what I was expecting. Robust.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Art D.
    on 7/1/2013

    Slept like a baby
    The sleep mode on this machine made me much more comfortable during the night. It was nice and quite, too. Best sleep I've had in a long time.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Laura H.
    on 6/27/2013

    Just fine for me
    Thankfully, I only need 2 LPM, because that's the highest it goes on continuous flow. I love how small and light it is and I can take it anywhere.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Geraldine J.
    on 6/27/2013

    Why no cleanable battery?
    I just wish this had a battery that I can take out and clean, instead of one that just needs replaced. I guess I'm just used to my old home concentrator. Other than that, I'm happy with it.
  • Product Rating

    Review by Nick S.
    on 6/27/2013

    So portable and easy to work with
    First time I got to go camping in years, thanks to this concentrator. I highly recommend bringing the battery charger and a few extra batteries to a camp site with outlets. The battery lasted just long enough.
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