Peak Flow Meters

Peak flow meters allow you to measure your breath strength on the go. These portable devices allow users to detect changes in their airways and lungs before more serious symptoms arise. Often used to monitor asthma symptoms or other health and lung issues, peak flow meters track airway obstructions and indicate how well your treatment plan is working.

To use a peak flow meter, you’ll forcefully blow into the device. As a result, the indicator on the device will move to display your breath strength. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, your doctor may recommend that you use a peak flow meter daily. Once you establish a cadence with your doctor, you may be asked to track your measurements and note any major changes.

Oxygen Concentrator Store carries a variety of tested and reliable pulse flow meters to meet your needs. We only partner with brands that create high-quality equipment, so you can rest assured that your purchase has been vetted and approved by our experts.

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