Portable Nebulizers

Portable or handheld nebulizers are a convenient option for nebulizer users on-the-go. Instead of connecting to power like a traditional table-top nebulizer, this portable device runs on batteries, allowing you to experience the benefits of nebulization treatments wherever life takes you.

If you’re out of the house often, or travel frequently, a portable nebulizer may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. These devices are compact and lightweight, allowing you to carry your device in your purse, briefcase, or suitcase. Since this type of nebulizer doesn’t need to be plugged in while in use, users are able to move around during treatment or take their treatment outside.

Whether you choose a portable or tabletop model, it’s important to take care of your nebulizer. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on proper cleaning technique to ensure your nebulizer continues to function properly.

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