Pediatric Nebulizers

Similar to the adult version, Pediatric Nebulizers treat children with chronic conditions, such as asthma and COPD, or other illness that affect the lungs, like bronchitis and pneumonia. The device pressurizes liquid medication into a mist, which is inhaled and dissolved directly into the lungs and bloodstream for quick relief. When treating lung conditions in children and infants, nebulizers are often preferred over oral medication because of their ease of use.

Although these devices have the same general function as an adult nebulizer, the pediatric versions often come in fun and colorful designs. We understand that children might be frightened or just unwilling to take medication regularly. So, supplying pediatric nebulizers that are often quieter and look less intimidating makes it easier for users and the families to comply with treatment regimes, leading to quicker relief and an improved, more active life.

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