Pediatric Nebulizer Masks

Pediatric Nebulizer Masks are a necessary component in administering nebulizer treatments. Like a pediatric nebulizer, pediatric masks are designed with a child or infant’s size and ease of use in mind. The masks allow the medication to be ingested through the nose or mouth — in infants, there are alternative options such as a pacifier — and adjust to ensure a secure fit. Too loose or tight-fitting masks can cause air gaps, wasting medication and making the treatment less effective.

While many children enjoy wearing masks as a part of regular play, being required to wear a mask as part of their medication can take the fun out of it. Often times, the masks will look like a particular character, animal, or print to make the experience more pleasant and, even, entertaining. Regardless of design, all nebulizer masks need to be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria and foul odors from building up.

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