Respironics REMstar CPAP Plus

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  • Advanced Monitoring Technologies
  • Auto Dimming LED Lights

Respironics REMstar CPAP Plus  Description

The Respironics REMstar CPAP Plus is a budget-friendly CPAP within the new System One line of machines. It includes advanced monitoring technology to identify when patients’ therapy needs are changing, allowing for improved, individualized care. Along with humidity control and C-Flex technology, the REMstar CPAP Plus provides exceptional care at a competitive price.

Patient Monitoring For Effective Therapy
The Respironics REMstar Plus features an SD card management system. This system records hours and patterns of therapy use, storing daily details with flow waveforms on the SD card. The machine’s reports display shows compliance VIC and 7-and 30-day averages calculated from patient data. Additionally, this machine features a compliance meter with breathing detection to accurately determine patient compliance.

Note that the breathing detection feature works to provide a mask off alert for safer, more effective therapy.

Advanced Humidity Control
Humidity Control with Dry Box and Resistance Control are included with the REMstar Plus’ System One technology. With this feature, relative humidity is maintained within the mask as ambient temperature and patient airflow are constantly measured. Additionally, sensors located inside and outside of the machine precisely monitor shifts in humidity to prevent condensation from forming in the system’s tube.

Dry Box technology can extend the lifespan of this CPAP by reducing water damage. It does so by trapping water that manages to escape the chamber, also making this unit “spill-free”. You can turn this machine upside down without spilling any water!

Special Features And C-Flex Technology For Comfort
C-Flex technology allows the REMstar Plus to offer pressure relief upon exhalation. This advanced feature helps users breathe more easily during oxygen therapy for a restful night’s sleep. The inclusion of C-Flex technology is especially impressive when you consider the affordable price of the REMstar Plus.

In addition to Respironics’ C-Flex technology, the REMstar Plus features auto dimming LED lights for enhanced comfort. These lights help darken the room at night to help users fall and stay asleep more easily.

A ramp feature is also included with the REMstar Plus. The ramp time extends from zero to 45 minutes, increasing the pressure in five-minute increments. The starting ramp pressure can be adjusted by the patient from four to CPAP. Using the ramp function can help oxygen users fall asleep while working up to the prescribed pressure level.

For more information, please view the Respironics CPAP Specifications Guide.
More Information
Product Features Auto dimming LED lights helps create a darker room for easy sleeping
Compliance meter breathing detection
Includes the Respironics Performance Tubing
Manufacturer Respironics
Dimensions 7 inches L x 5.5 inches W x 4 inches H
Product Weight 3 pounds
Warranty Two Years
Mask Off Alert Breathing Detection
Ramp Time 0 to 45 min (5-min increments)
Starting Ramp Pressure 4 to CPAP; Patient Adjustable
Filters Foam and Optional Ultra-Fine
Noise Level 2.6 to 4.2 Dependant on Patient Settings
Data Storage Capacity Reports Display: Compliance VIC, 7-and 30-Day Averages, SD Card: > 1 yr (daily details with flow waveforms) On-Board: up to 6 Months
Pressure 4-20cm H20
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