CAIRE Companion 5 Home Concentrator

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A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

A+ BBB Rating

Excellent Trustpilot Customer Rating

Excellent Trustpilot Customer Rating

Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

  • 36 Pounds
  • .5 to 5 LPM of continuous flow oxygen
  • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Includes the Companion 5 unit, cannula, and user’s manual.

CAIRE Companion 5 Home Concentrator Description

The CAIRE Companion 5 stationary oxygen concentratoris designed for simplicity, ease of use, and low maintenance make it an making it an ideal solution for receiving oxygen therapy at home. This powerful and user-friendly stationary unit is packed with features and a wider variety of oxygen flow settings, all in a compact and lightweight package.

The outside of the Companion 5 is slim and sleek, making it easy to position anywhere you want to sit and receive your oxygen therapy for the day. The control panel is located in the front and to the right, making it easy to reach whenever you need to turn it off. The gauge is clear and easy to read, and the buttons are simple and large and very easy to press.

The Companion 5 stationary oxygen concentrator weighs 36 pounds, so it's easy to lift to transport it from one place to another if you needed to. It sits at 21.5 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide and 13.5 inches deep. It's thinner than most stationary oxygen concentrators, so it will be easy to position it by your bed or next to a chair without taking up much room. The wheels on the bottom are smooth and easily rolled, even across a carpeted floor.

The oxygen flow settings run from 0.5 to 5 LPM (liters per minute), in 0.5 increments. This is the perfect stationary concentrator for someone who needs a half-LPM dosage of continuous flow, who only needs to receive their oxygen therapy a few hours out of the day, or overnight. The oxygen purity averages about 93%, but never goes below 87% or above 95%. The variation of purity can depend on the elevation and the setting the concentrator is on.

It doesn't use over 350 watts of electricity, even on the highest oxygen setting where it works its hardest. At the setting of 2.0, it only uses 250 watts, and at the lowest setting, it will use even less. This makes the Companion 5 one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly stationary oxygen concentrators.

The noise level of the Companion 5 is one of the lowest, at just 50 decibels, which is no louder than a quiet conversation, or the hum of a home refrigerator when it kicks on. It will only contribute a small amount of background noise, and not be bothersome at all. This makes it perfect for use during sleep, especially.

If anything needs to be addressed, such as power failure, flow rate error and general system malfunction, the easy to read LED meter will display the error codes clearly. In general, you shouldn't have any problems with the Companion 5 itself, but environmental factors can sometimes cause issues. The error codes make it easy for you to identify and address the problem quickly.
More Information
Product Features Delivers 0.5 to 5.0 liter per minute of continuous flow oxygen at the highest purity levels.
autoFLOW technology will reduce power consumption by around 15% when operating at 2.0 LPM.
ultraSilent technology produces near silent operation of around 50 decibels of sound level.
Easy to read LED hour meter that displays diagnostic alarm codes.
Compact and slim; easily fits in most home environments. Includes durable wheels and an integrated top handle.
Cannula barb and a front-loading humidifier bottle area for easy access and a secure attachment.
Manufacturer CAIRE
Dimensions 12.5 inches Wide x 21.5 inches High x 13.5 inches Deep
Product Weight 36 pounds
FAA Approved N/A
Warranty 3 Year Standard Warranty
Alarms / Alerts Power Failure, General Unit Malfunction, Flow Rate Error
Filters HEPA Filter, Intake Filter
Flow Settings 0.5 to 5.0 LPM
Noise Level 50 decibels at 2 liter per minute on continuous flow
Outlet Pressure 4.6 PSIG nominal
Oxygen Purity 85% to 95%; Continuous Flow Accuracy: +/- 10% or 200ml/min, whichever is greater
Power 120 Volts, 60 Hz (Hertz)
Power Consumption 250 watts at 2 liter per minute, maximum of 350 watts
Operating Ranges, Intended for Use Environment: 41 degrees to 104 degrees and up to 95% relative humidity
Altitude: -1,253 to 9,878 feet
Storage Ranges, Intended for Storage Environment:-40 degrees to 158 degrees and up to 95% relative humidity
Items in the Box Caire Companion 5 unit (15067013), Cannula (C-7), and User’s Manual .
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