Portable Oxygen Concentrators under 5 Pounds

Portable Oxygen Concentrators under 5 Pounds

We have the best portable oxygen concentrators under 5 lbs on the market today. These models are dependable and will give you the oxygen you need while you are being active, or traveling the world. You can take these almost anywhere, and they are all approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, to be used on board an airplane. These extremely lightweight portable oxygen concentrators are ideal for those who need a low or short term dosage while they are out and about.

Our selection of portable oxygen concentrators 5 pounds or less is diverse, with a selection from several of the top rated brands in the industry including the AirSep Focus weighing 2 pounds, the Inogen One G4 weighing 2.8 pounds, the Lifechoice ActivOx weighing 4.8 pounds and more concentrators under 5 pounds from Inogen, Invacare and Chart.

Many of these portable models under 5 pounds feature an internal battery, but you have the option of using a supplemental battery when you need more time for oxygen therapy away from home. The concentrator and the battery can be charged via the AC and DC power cords that come with your portable oxygen concentrator. You'll be able to charge it up at home before you go out, or in the car on your way to your destination.

Choose the portable concentrator under 5 pounds that is right for you, by first finding out which one will adequately meet your oxygen therapy needs. Once you've narrowed it down by settings and special features such as sleep mode technology, you can then choose the one with the battery and supplemental battery that will meet your duration needs.

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