Guide to Renting a Oxygen Concentrator

Guide to Renting a Portable or Home Oxygen Concentrator

Rent one of our top of the line portable oxygen concentrators to take with you on your travels. All of our models are FAA approved, which means you can take them with you on any commercial flight. You can escape to almost anywhere in the world with our small, yet sturdy machines that deliver the oxygen you need. An oxygen concentrator brings in the air around it, and filters the oxygen to a purity of around 90% or more for you to breathe.

Brands for Rent: SeQual, Inogen, Respirionics, Lifechoice, Devilbiss, Oxlife.

Rental Models

SeQual Eclipse Rental – Depending on the setting, the life for one battery is 3 hours, but it comes with a charger that will charge your battery while you are using it. The oxygen flow settings range from a continuous flow of 0.5 to 3.0 liters per minute (LPM) in .5 increments. The pulse dose setting searches for a breath every 15 seconds, and you will get between 16 - 96 in 16 mL increments, to 128, 160 and 192 mL. This one is slightly more hefty than other portables, at 18.4 lbs with the battery, but it meets the needs of those who require a continuous flow. Outside of an airplane, this will continue working fine at an altitude of up to 13,123 feet above sea level.

Inogen One G2 Rental – This model is one of the lightest at 7.25 lbs and is also one of the most quiet, energy efficient and inconspicuous portable oxygen concentrators. We offer both 12 cell and 24 cell battery models for rent. The 12 cell models will keep going up to 4 hours, and the 24 cell models will last up to 8 hours at a time. This is a pulse dose model only (between 1 and 5 LPM) , so if you need a continuous flow, this is not the model for you. The highest operational altitude for this model is 10,000 feet.

Respironics EverGo Rental – Another pulse-dose-only model, with a flow setting that delivers 1 to 6 LPM in .5 increments. The battery life on this one is also sufficient for most needs, with a total of 12 hours of power with a spare battery included, and the ability to charge as it is working when plugged into an outlet. This model is only 10 lbs with the battery, and is only as loud as a refrigerator's hum. The EverGo will work fine up to altitude of 8,000 feet above sea level.

Respironics SimplyGo Rental – This model offers continuous, as well as pulse dose, and is only 10 lbs with the battery. The is lightest model that offers a continuous flow of up to 2 LPM, in addition to a pulse dose of up to 6 LPM. It's only about the size of most bags or satchels, at 11.5 inches wide x 10 inches tall x 6 inches long, so it will go inconspicuously with you wherever you go. One battery will last for 7 hours on the 2 pulse dose setting, and 4.6 hours on the continuous setting of 1 LPM. This is another model that will work just fine up to an altitude of 10,000 feet.

Lifechoice Rental – If you only need a pulse dose between 1 and 3 LPM, and if need to use it for most hours of the day, the Lifechoice is a great selection. This tiny portable oxygen concentrator only weighs a little less than 5 lbs, but is slightly louder than the other small portable concentrators. The batteries will last up to 5+ hours, so this model will be fine if you will be spending a lot of time near a power supply. Lifechoice's special sleep technology enables this model to detect changes in your breathing, so it will still deliver the oxygen you need while you sleep. You can take this model with you if you are going as high as 10,000 feet above sea level.

DeVilbiss iGO Rental – The heft of this model is made up for in its efficiency and versatility to match your needs. It weighs 19 lbs with the battery and is 12.3” wide x 7.1” thick x 19.3” tall. It can deliver a pulse dose between 1 and 6 LPM, and a continuous flow from 1 to 3 LPM. The battery will last 5 hours on the lowest pulse dose setting, 1.6 hours on a continuous flow of 3, and 4 hours on the lowest continuous flow setting. In use, the battery will become fully charged between 2 and 4.5 hours, depending on the setting. The iGO is a champ and can work at an altitude of up to 13,123 feet.

Oxlife Independence Rental – This model is also on the larger side, at 17 lbs with the battery, but it has a sleek design and a wide range of flow settings. The pulse dose goes between 0.5 to 6 LPM, and a continuous flow that goes up to 3 LPM. One battery will last by itself for 3 hours on the 2 pulse settings, but they will charge while plugged in to any power supply, even a car's cigarette outlet. Other unique features are the built in fold-down handle and 6” wheels, which make it easy to pull around with you as you travel. If you only plan on traveling to elevations of no higher than 123 feet above sea level, this portable concentrator will do.

Each portable oxygen concentrator rental we carry must meet the standards of being virtually unbreakable, so you can take them almost anywhere. The outer cabinets will withstand most bumps and jars, and will survive any abuse outside of getting wet. Safe temperatures vary between models, but in general they will work fine around the temperatures of 55 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit – the ambient temperature ranges of most environments.

Rental Glossary

LPM: Stands for Liters Per Minute, measures the output of oxygen and describes the dosage prescribed by your doctor. Consider your dosage needs first when choosing a portable oxygen concentrator.

Continuous Flow: Oxygen is being emitted at a constant rate, set on the machine.

Pulse Dose: The machine senses when you are going to take a breath, and emits a dose of air at the prescribed rate.

Batteries: Portable concentrators come with one or two batteries that can run on their own charge, or charge while the machine is plugged in and running from an external power source. Its always smart to bring a second battery with you, and most airlines require that you bring at least one fully charged spare battery on your flight.

Filters: Oxygen concentrators use a filter to keep airborne debris that might be in the ambient air from entering the machine.

Carrier Bags and Carts: Many smaller portables come with a carry bag, and some of the bigger ones will come with a cart, or feature a built in handle and wheels. Carry bags can be worn at the side, across the body from one shoulder, or like a backpack.

How to Choose Concentrator Rental

A portable oxygen concentrator must first meet your prescribed oxygen needs. From there, think about how long you will be away from a power source for battery duration and charge time. Size can be considered after flow rate and battery needs are met. View our complete line of Oxygen Concentrator Rentals.

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