Chargers for Portable Oxygen Concentrators

  • Chargers for Portable Oxygen Concentrators
We carry oxygen concentrator chargers for units that include the Inogen G3 charger, SeQual Eclipse charger, Respironics external charger and more. Our external battery chargers are designed to charge batteries separate from your oxygen unit. The chargers are ideal for users who have multiple batteries.

External battery chargers add a whole new dimension of convenience for oxygen users who have to use their portable concentrators around the clock, or for those who do a lot of traveling. It's also always nice to have a backup battery that you can charge while the other is in your portable oxygen concentrator, either being used on the go, or charged at the same time. You can count on your order getting shipped the same day or order it. We offer the lowest online prices on portable concentrator chargers and always have inventory that ships same day.

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  1. Respironics External Battery Charger
    • Charges a fully depleted battery in under 3 hours
    • Smart recalibrate mode delivers a highly accurate estimate of remaining battery life
    • Works for the SimplyGo or EverGo
    • Internal Cooling Fan
    Your Price: $225
    Accessories Included
    • Smart Charger/Recalibrator
    • DC Power Supply with Input Cord
    • AC Power Cord
  2. Respironics SimplyGo Mini External Battery Charger
    • Charges a fully depleted Mini battery in 4 hours (standard battery)
    • LED battery status
    • Works for the SimplyGo Mini
    Your Price: $345
2 Item(s)