Backpacks and Carry Cases for Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Every small portable oxygen concentrator needs a backpack or carry bag to go with it. Each portable concentrator requires its own unique carry bag or backpack to ensure the unit functions properly. We have the selection you need for each portable oxygen concentrator that we carry, just in case the one that came with it was lost damaged. You also may have gotten a carry bag with your order, but you've now decided that you want the backpack.

We carry oxygen concentrator backpack and carry bags for units that include the Inogen G3 Backpack, Respironics SimplyGo Carry Case, Invacare Platinum Carry Bag and more. Our accessory bags and backpacks assist in transporting your portable concentrator. Most bags and backpacks have extra storage compartments for extra accessories and personal items. We offer the lowest online prices on backpack and accessory bags and always have inventory that ships same day.

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  1. Belluscura X-PLOR Backpack - 52291
    Belluscura X-PLOR Backpack
    • Lightweight
    • Adjustable Straps
    • Sku: 52291

    Your Price $105.00 List Price $149.00
  2. Respironcis SimplyGo Mini Black Backpack
    Respironics SimplyGo Mini Black Backpack
    • Robust Design
    • 90 Day Warranty
    • Sku: 1119894

    Your Price $149.00 List Price $189.00
  3. Invacare Platinum Mobile Concentrator Carrying Bag
    Invacare Platinum Mobile Carrying Bag
    • 3 Convertible Carrying Styles
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Sku: POC1-150

    Your Price $99.00 List Price $129.00
  4. Inogen One G4 Carry Bag - CA-400
    Inogen One G4 Carry Bag
    • Protects from Scratches/Bumps
    • 90 Day Warranty
    • Sku: CA-400

    Your Price $69.00 List Price $89.00
  5. Inogen One G2 Backpack - CA-250
    Inogen One G2 Backpack
    • Weather Resistant Polyester
    • Shock Absorbing Strap
    • Sku: CA-250

    Your Price $110.00 List Price $149.00
  6. Respironics EverGo Carry Case (black)
    Respironics EverGo Carry Case
    • Protects from Scratches
    • Soft Grip Handle
    • Sku: 900-200

    Sorry, this product is no longer available.

  7. Respironics EverGo Accessory Case
    Respironics EverGo Accessory Bag
    • Sturdy Handle
    • Weather Resistant
    • Polyester Construction

    Sorry, this product is no longer available.

  8. Respironics Simply Flo Travel Carrying Case - 1076830
    Respironics SimplyFlo Travel Case
    • Weather Resistant
    • 90 Day Warranty
    • Sku: 1076830

    Your Price $195.00 List Price $249.00
  9. SeQual eQuinox Accessory Bag - 4920-SEQ
    SeQual eQuinox Accessory Bag
    • Protective Fabric
    • Ideal for Travel
    • Sku: 4920-SEQ

    Your Price $99.00 List Price $149.00

9 Items

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