Pacific Pulmonary Oxygen Rentals

Pacific Pulmonary Oxygen Rentals

Our Easy rental program provides Pacific Pulmonary customers with discounted rental rates and the convenience to travel anytime and anywhere. We have an extensive rental fleet of portable concentrators that include both pulse and continuous flow machines. All of our rental machines are FAA approved for flight.

Pacific Pulmonary referral customers can expect:

  • An extensive rental fleet with a full selection to suit nearly every specific need.
  • Fast and Easy rental process that is capable of shipping units to all 50 states as quickly as next day.
  • Fully trained Respiratory Sales Technicians to help customers identify the correct unit as well as the appropriate accessories/batteries for their travel.
  • 24/7 full time support during your rental period.

Stationary Concentrator rental rates starting at $15 a day.
Portable Concentrator rental rates starting at $35 a day.

The FAST and EASY Rental Steps:

  1. Provide information and make reservation.
  2. Arrange prescription and Secure reservation with payment.
  3. Receive device day before departure.
  4. Enjoy your trip!

Click here to download our Rental Agreement. One week minimum.

Call us or fill in the contact form and one of our respiratory specialists will help choose the right concentrator and accessories for your travel needs.

Pacific Pulmonary Rentals

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