Getting Used to Oxygen Therapy with a Portable Concentrator

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If you've recently be prescribed oxygen therapy, you might be curious about portable concentrators and what they can do for you. Nobody wants to be stuck at home using a home oxygen concentrator and having to refill tanks can be tiresome, as we as costly in the long run. Getting oxygen therapy with portable concentrators is perfect for those who want to go hiking with their friends or go on the family vacation, without having to worry about refilling tanks, or not being allowed to board an airplane if you need to travel by air. Getting Used to Oxygen Therapy with a Portable Concentrator At first you might really like using your new oxygen concentrator. You will suddenly feel much more alert and have more energy than you did before. This is because you are again receiving the amount of oxygen your body needs. It might feel strange at first because it's probably been a while since your lungs were able to bring in enough oxygen to your blood stream, if you have COPD. With all the oxygen now coursing through you body, you will feel much better in general. Beside the simple fact that your body is healthier, this feeling of well-being is the best part of oxygen therapy with portable concentrators.

One of the things people often complain about if they've just started using oxygen therapy, is the pulse or flow of oxygen being blown into their noses. It becomes really bothersome when it begins to dry out the nasal passages. You can find moisturizing balm for nasal passages in the drug store, or you can use a very tiny amount of sesame seed oil on a cotton swab. Sesame seed oil is gentle and is an anti-inflammatory, so it will take care of the irritation quickly.

Another thing that takes some getting used to when receiving oxygen therapy with a portable concentrator, is carrying it around with you. You will need to adjust the strap of the carry bag or backpack to your comfort. You may also decide that you want the backpack that is compatible with your portable concentrator instead of the carry bag.

Not all portable models have a backpack available, and not all portable concentrators would even work with a backpack. Over time, carrying your portable concentrator or pulling it along behind you with the mobile cart will seem like second nature. At times if you don't have it with you, you will suddenly get the feeling as if you are missing something!

The sounds coming from your portable concentrator might also bother you at first. You might be watching TV and decide that you need to turn the TV up a little louder. A portable concentrator's sounds really aren't loud at all, but at first they will seem a little annoying because it's a sound that wasn't there before. Think about how you notice when your refrigerator kicks on. Did you even notice when it turned off? Soft sounds like this fade into the background after a while, as will the soft sounds from your portable concentrator.

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