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We carry a wide selection of portable oxygen tanks. Please call us at 1-877-774-9271 if you have any questions.

Why continue ordering oxygen refills, when you could be using Invacare's Homefill System? The Homefill compressor, which itself is only 33 pounds and small enough to store in a cabinet when not in use, is used to fill up a conserver tank. The conservation tanks used for the Homefill system are only compatible with the Homefill system.

The Homefill system allows you to be completely self-sufficient in receiving your oxygen therapy, and you'll be able to leave the house with the conserver tank that is the right capacity to meet your oxygen needs. There are four different Homefill conserver tank sizes to choose from, depending on how much oxygen you need each time.

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  1. Invacare M9 Conserver with Bag
    Invacare M9 Conserver with Bag
    • 255 Liter Capacity
    • 125 Minute Cylinder Filling

  2. Invacare M6 Consever with Bag
    Invacare M6 Conserver with Bag
    • 170 Liter Capacity
    • 75 Minute Cylinder Filling

  3. Invacare M4 Conserver with Bag
    Invacare M4 Conserver with Bag
    • 113 Liter Capacity
    • 55 Minute Cylinder Filling

  4. Invacare M2 Conserver with Bag, HF2PCM
    Invacare M2 Conserver with Bag
    • 57 Liter Capacity
    • 24 Minute Cylinder Filling


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