Looking for the same great oxygen solution at a fraction of the cost?

Looking for the same great oxygen solution at a fraction of the cost? We maintain a large inventory of gently used at home and portable oxygen concentrators for sale! Our rigorous testing and refurbishing makes a gently used concentrator an effective and affordable solution for your oxygen needs.

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There are always pros and cons when buying a used or refurbished oxygen concentrator as opposed to new. However our refurbished units are so well maintained and tested there is no need to worry about the cons! The best pro in our opinion? The incredibly low price!

We may also be able to offer you some gently used and quality tested accessories for your new or used portable oxygen concentrator. This includes AC/wall chargers, DC/Car Chargers and cords, batteries, carry bags, and straps. If you give our customer service line a call, you can see what is available and at a price we guarantee you will like.

Our inventory is ever-changing. There will be some models in our used and refurbished stock that you won’t see on the website. You never know what you might be able to save money on!

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