Shipping Oxygen Concentrators to England

Update: As of January 1st, 2018 we no longer ship Internationally.

We want to make sure every oxygen therapy patient has access to the best oxygen concentrators on the market, at some of the lowest prices you will find anywhere. That's why we make shipping oxygen concentrators internationally so easy. We have customers “across the pond”, as some people like to say, and you won't have any problem shipping to England. Whether you live in Cornwall, Glasgow or London, we can ship to you, no problem.

Hassel-Free Shipping of Oxygen Concentrators to the UK

Sometimes when we try to shop online, we might run into some problems when we have to have something shipped from another country, especially something large and complicated like medical equipment or electronics.

If you're worried about that with shipping an oxygen concentrator internationally, you don't need to be. We will go over important things like exchange rates, shipping rates and taxes as well as explain the way we ship things overseas. The whole process was designed to make sure you are also getting the best deal on shipping rates.

Don't Miss Out on These Great American Oxygen Brands

On our website, you'll find top of the line American made medical oxygen therapy brands, such as Respironics, Inogen, Invacare and AirSep. These brands include the amazing portable concentrators such as the Inogen One G2 and G3, AirSep Freestyle and the Respironics EverGo. You'll also find the high efficiency stationary models, such as the new Respironics SimplyFlo and Invacare Perfecto 2.

These great brands and their concentrators and accessories might be harder to find in the UK, but don't worry – we've enlisted the help of an international shipping service known as Bongo International. Bongo International makes the whole process much easier on you when you order your oxygen therapy products from us. Bongo International accepts all major credit cards, as well as Diner Club, PayPal and Bitcoin payment methods.

Please contact us about shipping Oxygen Concentrators to England

How Does it Work?

You'll be directed to Bongo International's website when you've decided to make your purchase. The UK is one of the many countries that Bongo makes it possible to easily ship internationally from the United States. You can trust that your payment and identity information will be protected during the whole process.

Bongo International will automatically convert your purchase and shipping total to the exchange rate for total accuracy and are based on interbank rates of exchange. These rates comply with the average aggregate exchange rates that would have been applied in any other e-commerce transaction. Things like international taxes, tariffs and value-added tax (VAT) will be calculated into your final order total during checkout.

After entering your address and Bongo identifies that you live in England, things like duty, customs tariffs and VAT will be set for you. These are based on shipping laws within the US and the UK, including any involving shipping medical equipment in particular. These duties, VAT and tariffs vary from country to country.

Can I Find Out How Much Shipping Will Cost to the UK?

You can check out how much your order would be before-hand, by using Bongo International's Shipping Cost Calculator. Just go to webpage and select shipping from the United States to the United Kingdom, unit of measure used for the product, the size and weight of the product (we have the size and weight of every oxygen concentrator and accessory on their product pages), and your currency. You can also fill out the duty tax estimator to find out what that would be.

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