Lifechoice and ActivOx Accessories

Lifechoice and ActivOx Accessories

We carry a wide selection of ActivOx Accessories and Add-Ons. Please call us at 877.774.9271 if you have any questions.

We have in stock the things you will need for your Lifechoice and Inova Labs ActivOx portable oxygen concentrators, whether you need a new DC adapter, or you just want a carry bag for your accessories. We always ship same day, so if you need your adapter or accessory bag for a trip coming up, you will have what you need with time to spare.

We carry Lifechoice and ActivOx accessories that include the Lifechoice Battery Pack, ActivOx External Battery, LifeChoice Oxygen Concentrator AC Adapter and more. We offer the lowest online prices on Lifechoice and ActivOx accessories and always have inventory that ships same day.
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