Invacare Platinum Mobile Accessories and Parts

  • Invacare Platinum Mobile Accessories and Parts

We carry a wide selection of Invacare Platinum Mobile Accessories and Add-Ons. Please call us at 877.774.9271 if you have any questions.

Platinum accessories that include the Platinum Rechargeable Battery, Platinum Desktop Charger, Platinum Carrying Bag and more.

We Offer the Lowest Online Prices for Invacare Platinum Mobile and Always Have Inventory that Ships Same Day.

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  1. Invacare Platinum Mobile Rechargeable Battery: POC1-110
    • Small and Lightweight
    • Replace batteries without removing the unit from the bag or turning it off
    • Built-in Visual Indicators
    • Up to to 18 months or 500 charges
    Your Price: $395
  2. Invacare Platinum Mobile Desktop Battery Charger
    • Charges a fully depleted battery in under 4 hours
    • Works for the Platinum Batteries
    • Indicator lights - flashing green: charging, solid green: fully charged
    Your Price: $264
  3. Invacare Platinum Mobile Concentrator Carrying Bag
    • 3-way convertible carrying styles
    • Reinforced bumpers to lessen everyday bumps and protect the unit
    • Integrated particle filter on bag
    • Designed to meet air requirements
    Your Price: $99
3 Item(s)