DeVilbiss iGo Accessories and Parts

The DeVilbiss iGo is a powerful portable oxygen concentrator that provides both pulse dose and continuous flow oxygen. It's on the slightly heavier and larger end of our portable oxygen concentrator selection, but it's versatile and great for those who want to travel and stay active while receiving the continuous flow they were prescribed. For your convenience, we have all the things you need for your iGo all in one place, with inventory that can be shipped the same day you order it.

DeVilbiss iGo accessories include the iGo Battery, iGo battery Charger, iGo Wheeled Cart and more.
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  1. DeVilbiss iGo Humidifier Adaptor Kit
    • Includes bottle
    • Allows you to put humidity into your oxygen
    • Comes with a humidifier bottle and tubing
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  2. DeVilbiss Igo Accessory Bag
    • Ideal for carrying and neatly storing iGo accessories
    • Rubber handle offers a sturdy grip
    • Great for toting keys, wallets, medication, cell phones, etc.
    • Padded lining protects belongings
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  3. DeVilbiss iGo Wheeled Cart
    • Sturdy construction and large wheels
    • Personalized height adjustment
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  4. DevIlbiss iGo External Battery Charger
    • Fully charge a depleted iGo battery in approximately 3 hours
    • Lightweight and easy to carry
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  5. DeVilibss iGo Deluxe Rolling Case
    • Telescoping Handle
    • Transparent Window
    • Lightweight
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  6. Devilbiss iGo DC Adapter Power Supply
    • Used to charge/power iGo or charge supplemental batteries
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  7. DeVilbiss Igo Portable Oxygen Concentrator Battery
    • Each battery last 4.7 hours on Setting 2.
    • When connected to AC or DC power, battery charges automatically.
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  8. Devilbiss iGo AC Adapter Power Supply
    • Charges DeVilbiss iGo Unit
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8 Item(s)