Oxus Product and Company Information

Oxus Product and Company Information Dedicated to helping respiratory patients breathe easier, Oxus achieves this goal by offering independence through their line of portable oxygen concentrators.

Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator provides patients with true freedom and independence. With no bulky bottles or tanks and nothing to refill, this oxygen concentrator allows patients to live life on their terms – traveling wherever they like or simply enjoying leisure time at home.

About the Company

Oxus was founded over 10 years ago. They are a respiratory medical technology company dedicated to producing oxygen concentrator products that supply people with vital supplemental oxygen without being encumbered by bulky or low quality equipment. Their products span a variety of markets, but all are geared towards improving the quality of life for respiratory patients. The Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator is made in the USA at a facility in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The company is committed to quality, reflected by their ISO 13485 certification.

About the Products

Some portable oxygen concentrators are exceptionally quiet. Others are very lightweight or have great battery life. However, Oxus has created a portable oxygen concentrator with ALL of the above features, to provide their customers with the ultimate in portable oxygen delivery technology. The Oxus Portable Oxygen Concentrator has it all. This portable concentrator can provide oxygen up to a rate of 850 mL/minute while operating at a quiet 43 dBA. It weighs under 10 pounds and is very compact, easily fitting beneath an airliner seat or carried on a cart.

Fixed Bolus Mode
Most oxygen concentrators work on a fixed volume per minute method. Basically, this means you receive the same oxygen amount during a single minute at all times, regardless of your current breathing rate. If you’re engaged in activity and breathing faster, then you’re receiving less oxygen in each breath. However, Oxus provides the solution to this problem with a fixed bolus method of delivery. You’ll receive your constant prescribed flow rate of oxygen no matter your breathing rate. So, at rest you still receive the same amount of oxygen that you would when exercising.

Built-In Oxygen Sensor
Oxus is all about quality. Their devices are dependable and reliable. Still, with a machine as important as an oxygen concentrator you want a safety net. If there is a malfunction, the Oxus Portable Concentrator has a built in alert system. The machine is equipped with an oxygen sensor that can tell if you’re not receiving the correct amount of oxygen and will notify you. This provides you with peace of mind that, even in unforeseen circumstances, you’re still protected.

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