Educate yourself with our Oxygen Therapy Guide A Guide to Oxygen Therapy and Oxygen Concentrators

If you or someone you care about has recently received a prescription for oxygen therapy, you’ve probably realized there’s a lot to learn. New technologies for concentrating and delivering supplemental oxygen now allow more freedom of movement than ever before, but it’s helpful to master a few basic concepts before choosing an oxygen system.

This oxygen therapy guide will educate you and help in selecting the correct oxygen concentrator purchase as simple and straightforward as possible.

Important oxygen therapy topics inside this guide you'll find:

What is Oxygen Therapy?
  • How your Body Uses Medical Grade Oxygen
  • Benefits of Supplemental Oxygen
  • Oxygen Therapy Systems
  • How Oxygen Flow is Measured
  • Types of Oxygen Delivery Systems
  • Oxygen Concentrator Systems
Introduction to Oxygen Concentrators
  • How Oxygen Concentrators Work
  • Stationary Concentrators vs. Portable Concentrators
  • Pulse vs. Continuous Flow
  • The POC Revolution
  • Traveling with Oxygen
  • Renting vs. Buying
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