Nasal Cannulas

A nasal cannula, or oxygen cannula is a medical device used to deliver medical-grade supplemental oxygen to a user who requires oxygen therapy. A nasal cannula is a clear, lightweight tube that features two endpoints. The first endpoint splits into two curved, and tapered nasal prongs end that is designed to fit above the upper lip of the user. The second endpoint of the cannula is attached to an oxygen supply such as a portable oxygen generator or home oxygen concentrator.

Cannulas are comfortable to wear and are designed for gentle to delicate facial skin. Nasal cannulas are available in a variety of lengths, specialty styles, and flow rates, from pediatric to adult users. Most nasal cannulas carry oxygen flow rates up to 6 liters per minute, but there are high flow rates cannulas available.
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  1. 4' Adult Standard Oxygen Nasal Cannula
    4' Adult Nasal Soft Cannula
    • 6 LPM Max Flow Rate
    • 4 Feet Long
    • Sku: 16Soft-4


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