How An Oxygen Concentrator Can Eliminate COPD Symptoms

An oxygen concentrator can eliminate COPD symptoms. For those seriously contemplating investing in an oxygen concentrator, the chances are high that you’ve been prompted to make this decision due to a long-term battle with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, or COPD. COPD is a dual-disorder that is a combination of chronic bronchitis and emphysema, both of which narrow the passageways that carry oxygen to the lungs.

Although an oxygen concentrator can also be prescribed for more short-term ailments like pneumonia, in most instances, an oxygen concentrator is recommended for those who are dealing with the long-term distress and side-effects of COPD, which affects millions of Americans in today’s society. While there are a number of benefits that can be obtained by turning to long-term portable oxygen concentrator systems, far too many individuals resist making the move for some seemingly illogical fears.

One of these fears is that by making the switch to a portable oxygen concentrator, they’ll somehow give up their quality of life and turn completely sedentary. In all reality, usually the exact opposite occurs. Suddenly, instead of struggling to catch your breath when walking from one room to another, you’ll feel strong enough and confident enough to walk around outside and begin reclaiming your quality of life and your day-to-day enjoyment.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a longer, healthier and fuller life, marked by enjoyment and an active lifestyle and you suffer from COPD, not only can an oxygen concentrator work to eliminate your symptoms of COPD, it can also pay off with a number of other important benefits, including:

• Relief from headaches
• A greater feeling and sense of clarity
• A boosted immune system and fewer illnesses
• Overall improved body function, across organs and systems
• Relief from nausea
• Preventing heart failure
• Fewer days of hospitalization

If you’ve been looking forward to taking back control of your life and really starting to live again, an oxygen concentrator may be exactly what the doctor ordered. For more information about your particular situation, make it a point to meet with your physician for more information on the cost and benefits of oxygen concentrators.

Think about the gardening you've missed out on, the trips with the grandchildren, excursions to the stores… and then consider increasing your quality of living and regaining your previous lifestyle and enjoyment with the assistance of an oxygen concentrator.

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