What are the insurance codes for CPAP-related purchases?

Insurance companies will require a product code called a HCPCS code for claims related to your CPAP purchases. Below is a detailed list of codes your insurance company may need to quickly process your claim.

  • E0601 - CPAP Machine Purchase
  • A7034 - CPAP Nasal Mask
  • A7032 - CPAP Nasal Mask Cushion
  • A7030 - CPAP Full Face Mask
  • A7031 - CPAP Full Face Mask Cushion
  • A7044 - CPAP Full Oral Interface
  • A7046 - CPAP Humidifier Chamber
  • A7037 - CPAP Tubing, Long and Short Hoses
  • A7038 - CPAP Disposable Filter
  • A7039 - CPAP Foam Filter
  • A7035 - CPAP Headgear
  • A7033 - CPAP Nasal Pillows
  • A7036 - CPAP Chinstrap
  • E0561 - CPAP Passover Humidifier
  • E0562 - CPAP Heated Humidifier
  • E0470 - BiPAP Purchase
  • E0471 - BiPAP-ST Purchase
  • E1399 - CPAP Miscellaneous

Click here for helpful hints when filing HCPCS codes with your insurance company.

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