What are Features of the 2022 CAIRE FreeStyle Comfort?

The Freestyle Comfort is CAIRE’s latest portable oxygen concentrator model. This portable oxygen concentrator is just 10 inches tall and weighs only five pounds, so it is ideal for an active lifestyle. It delivers an on-demand pulse flow of high-concentration oxygen, with a maximum output of 1050 mL per min. The bright display makes it easy to read and adjust your settings.

This oxygen concentrator also has a long-lasting 8-hour battery to support an active, on-the-go lifestyle. Its curved design sits comfortably on your hip for natural movement. Smart delivery features like breath detection, autodose, and more ensure you always have access to the oxygen you need. Wireless monitoring features allow caregivers and family members to monitor your oxygen access.

Learn more about the CAIRE Freestyle Comfort.

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