What are the Details of the CAIRE FreeStyle Comfort Lifetime Warranty?

Caire Freestyle Comfort Lifetime Warranty

The purchase of the CAIRE Freestyle Comfort Lifetime Warranty entitles the original purchaser to hassle-free repair or replacement of the CAIRE Freestyle Comfort for the lifetime of the concentrator. This warranty is Non-transferable. The CAIRE Freestyle Comfort lifetime warranty covers the concentrator itself and does not apply to batteries and/or accessories. The only exception to this is the Sieve Beds which are warranted for 5 years. The CAIRE Freestyle Comfort Lifetime Warranty does not cover damage or injury whether to the Products, personal property, or persons caused by any of the following:
  • Accident
  • Misuse
  • Abuse
  • Negligence
  • Damage caused by repair or alteration by anyone other than AMSR, LLC. or an authorized service center
  • Failure to operate under conditions of normal use and in accordance with the terms of the operating manual and instructions or lack of reasonable care, at AMSR’s sole discretion
The CAIRE Freestyle Comfort Lifetime Warranty allows for the concentrator to be repaired or replaced with a like Product, at AMSR, LLC’s sole discretion. If the concentrator is replaced, whatever remaining concentrator warranty on the original Product will be transferred to the replacement Product.

All new portable and stationary oxygen concentrators come with a 3-year factory warranty, unless otherwise stated. For more warranty coverage information and terms and conditions, please refer to the product manual.”
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