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Can the Inogen G3 be used the a plane or aircraft?
Yes. The unit is FAA approved to be operated aboard all commercial aircraft whose flights that depart or land within the United States.
Is the Inogen G3 covered by Medicare?
The answer is “maybe.” If you are already receiving oxygen tanks from your Medicare provider, then you are getting what they consider a portable oxygen solution. If you are starting with a 24 hour per day solution, there is a chance that a provider might...
How much does the Inogen One G3 weigh?
The unit weighs 4.9 pounds with the standard (small) 8 cell battery and the 5.9 pounds with the large 16 cell battery.
Does the Inogen G3 come with a warranty?
There is a 3-year warranty on the unit, 1-year warranty on batteries and 90-days on all other accessories.
Will a POC meet your daily oxygen needs?
Your mobile concentrator needs to be able to provide you with the oxygen dosage you need at all times, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Your oxygen needs will be different when you're physically active when you're sleeping and or sitting and watching television. The POC needs to be able to detect the changes in your breath rate and compensate accordingly.
What are the alarms and beeps on the CAIRE FreeStyle Comfort?
There are numerous alarm indicators and screen symbols on the LCD control screen as well as audio alerts and beeps on the CAIRE FreeStyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator. A warning and/or audio alert represents the possibility of harm to the operator...
Can the Inogen G3 be used without the battery?
The Inogen G3 can be used without the battery if plugged into AC (wall) or DC (car) power.
How much oxygen will the Inogen G3 deliver?
The Inogen G3 will deliver up to a setting of 5 on pulse flow, which is up to 1050 ml/min.
How long will the batteries last with the Inogen G3?
Battery duration is up to 4 hours with single battery 8 cell battery and up to 8 hours with double 16 cell battery.
How long does it take to charge small and large Inogen G3 batteries?
Charge time from depleted to full ranges from 2 to 4 hours with 8 cell battery battery and 5 to 8 hours with 16 cell battery.
Is a portable oxygen concentrator truly portable?
By definition, a portable unit needs to be light enough so that you don't feel burdened while carrying it around anywhere you need to go. You have to take into consideration the weight of the unit, including the weight of the battery and accessories you will be carrying around along with it. You might also need to bring along extra batteries and power supplies. You should always expect to add a few extra pounds for the additional batteries if you are out and about all day.
Can you fly with a portable concentrator?
Yes. The Federal Aviation Administration or FAA, requires airlines based in the United States and foreign airlines flying into the U. S. permit passengers to operate portable oxygen concentrators approved by FAA during all phases of a flight if the unit displays a manufacturer’s sticker. The sticker indicates it meets FAA requirements for portable medical devices. The FAA has approved over 20 oxygen concentrators for air travel on all U.S. aircraft with more than 19 seats, and every portable unit we offer is approved for flights.
Do I need a prescription to buy a portable oxygen concentrator?
Yes. Because the FDA classifies medical grade oxygen as a drug, and by Federal law, a prescription is required to purchase oxygen-related medical devices, such as portable oxy concentrators. Your doctor or health care provider can assist in obtaining a prescription.
What type of maintenance is needed on myportable oxygen concentrator?
Just like any other machine, portable concentrators require regular maintenance and service to ensure they operate correctly. Routine maintenance will extend the life of the unit and guarantee it delivers optimal airflow with uninterrupted service.
How much does the Respironics SimplyGo weigh?
The unit weighs 10 pounds with a rechargable battery.
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