Can I Rent an Oxygen Concentrator for Use on a Cruise?

Scott Ridl posted this on Nov 22, 2017
Yes! Renting a portable oxygen concentrator to use on a cruise is no different than using it around home. Since all our rental oxygen concentrators are FAA-approved, you will not have to worry about using your unit when flying to the port location. Portable oxygen concentrator rentals come with the option of renting multiple batteries, allowing for longer excursions off the cruise ship whenever you dock at a new location.

Here are Tips for Traveling with Oxygen on a Cruise
  • Contact the cruise ship several weeks to obtain their policy and make arrangements for any special accommodations.
  • Bring a copy of a letter from your physician, medical history documentation and a current oxygen prescription.
  • Inform the cruise that you will be traveling with an oxygen concentrator. Be sure that you understand specific requirements that they may have.
  • Confirm that the cruise line can accommodate the power charging requirements for your machine. Bring extra batteries with you in the event that you need an alternative source of power.

Read more oxygen rental cruise traveling tips or call us at at 877.774.9271 with any questions.

Learn How to Using a Concentrator Rental on a Cruise

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