When I put my finger over the port where I connect my cannula on my portable oxygen concentrator, I don’t feel anything coming out – is something wrong?

Most POCs (Inogen G3 / G4/ G5, Simply Go Mini, Sequal Eclipse 5) operate in what is called "Normal Mode". In NORMAL mode you will NOT feel anything coming out because it only dispenses oxygen when it detects a breath. Simply attach the cannula and begin breathing and then see if you can detect the "puff" of oxygen.

For Inogen portable machines, you see a green light when it detects your breath. You SHOULD be able to detect the oxygen coming out on a machine with continuous flow like your home concentrator or a Sequal Eclipse 5 on "CONTINUOUS" mode. Similarly, if you put your cannula under water in PULSE mode, you will not see bubbles because it will not detect a breath.
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