Is there a difference of basic and high-end CPAP machines and masks?

Yes! All though the manufacturers may vary high-end equipment is commonly quieter, smaller, lighter, less prone to leaks and easier to breathe against. Higher priced equipment offers enhanced humidifiers and are made to travel with ease over the basic CPAP equipment. Take your time and choose wisely with the help of an experienced professional. Because there is only one billing code for all CPAP Machines and very few codes for the many different CPAP Masks available, the insurance company will pay your CPAP Provider the same amount whether you get a high-end or a basic machine.

Often the patient is left to deal with basic equipment that does not suit their needs because the amount paid to traditional CPAP Providers by insurance companies is not enough to cover the cost of high end CPAP equipment. There are a variety of ways to obtain quality CPAP machines, masks and accessories of equal or lesser cost. Our CPAP experts are always available to help.
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