How To Replace Inogen One G4 Columns

Scott Ridl posted this on Oct 12, 2018
Learn how to replace columns for the Inogen One G4 portable oxygen concentrator. This video instructs you on how to remove the columns, install new columns, prepare for reset, and to perform a sieve reset.

G4 Column Replacement Step-by-Step Guide

Tools Needed

  • Replacement Columns
  • Instructional Booklet

Removing the Columns

  1. Remove shoulder bag and battery.
  2. Pull back blue lever and grip metal handle.
  3. Pull columns out.

Installing the New Columns

  1. Remove caps from the new columns.
  2. Insert new columns.
  3. Blue lever click.

Resetting the Machine

  1. Power machine off.
  2. Insert wall power supply.
  3. Press and hold plus and minus buttons.
  4. Release buttons when screen reads, "Sieve Reset".
  5. Press and release bell button.

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