How to operate the Inogen One G3?

This comprehensive video shows you everything you need to know about your Inogen G3 portable oxygen concentrator. The video begins by introducing you to the Inogen G3 and carefully showing you all of its components. You will receive a carry bag, small battery, charger, cannula, and an instruction manual for referencing the different parts and functions in the event when the video is not readily accessible. It’s best to keep the instruction manual in the carry bag, just in case.

One of the first things you’ll need to know is how to operate your Inogen G3. The video describes the control panel in great detail and shows you which buttons to press to get the desired result. For example, you can easily change the flow setting simply by pressing the +/- buttons so you can adjust the amount of oxygen you receive.

The video also discusses the different alerts and alarms that you may encounter with your Inogen G3 and ranks them based on priority level. It also explains the reason for the alarm, how to fix the problem, and what to do if the message persists. Low priority alarms are usually easily remedied and may not require immediate attention while High priority alarms need immediate attention to ensure the operating integrity of your system.

The last part of the video is a detailed instructional on how to remove and replace the battery, how and where to attach the cannula, and how to charge your Inogen G3 at home and on the go in your vehicle. While all the information in the video is also provided to you in writing in the instruction manual, it is helpful to see the Inogen G3 in action and observe how it is used in real life.
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