How much oxygen will the Inogen G4 deliver?

The Inogen One G4 provides up to 630 milliliters (ml) per minute with pulse dose settings 1-3. Like all pulse dose POCs, this unit delivers a bolus, or dose, of oxygen with each breath. However, this unit provides a set number of liters per minute, unlike POCs that deliver a set bolus with each breath.

With the Inogen One G4, the bolus size depends on your flow setting and breath rate. This unit works to deliver a certain amount of oxygen per minute; to achieve this, the unit must adjust its bolus size to breathing rate changes.

For example, if you use a flow setting of 2, your Inogen One G4 will deliver 420 ml of oxygen per minute. If you breathe 10 times per minute, your bolus size is 42 ml. However, your bolus size reduces as your breathing rate becomes faster; this allows your POC to ensure you get 420 ml of oxygen per minute.

See the chart below for more examples:

Flow Setting Milliliters per minute Bolus size (ml) at 10 breaths per minute Bolus size (ml) at 25 breaths per minute
1 210 21 8.4
2 420 42 6.8
3 630 63 25.2

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