How does pulse dose oxygen work?

Pulse dose oxygen concentrators deliver a bolus of oxygen with each breath. A bolus refers to how much oxygen you get with one "puff", which depends on your setting. Pulse dose POCs offer a range of settings, which differ among units; the amount of oxygen delivered at a setting of 2 on one unit could vary from the amount provided at the same setting on another.

For example, the CAIRE Freestyle Comfort offers settings 1-5. When on a setting of 2, this unit delivers 21 milliliters of oxygen with each breath (not 21 ml per minute). The Respironics SimplyGo offers settings 1-6, with a setting of 2 providing a bolus of 24 ml.

It's crucial to check the user’s manual or equipment provider’s website to ensure you’re using the right pulse dose setting.

Understanding How Oxygen Concentrators Work
Room air consists of about 21%, 78% nitrogen, and some other gases in trace amounts. Breathing in 21% oxygen is sufficient for people with healthy lungs. However, some people with COPD or other lung diseases require more oxygen to ensure their tissues and organs receive enough to function correctly. Oxygen concentrators work to provide supplemental oxygen 24/7 without needing to refill oxygen tanks.

Pulse dose and continuous flow oxygen concentrators work by drawing in the surrounding air, compressing the oxygen, removing nitrogen and trace gases, and then delivering around 90-95% pure oxygen.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Benefits:
Unlike oxygen cylinders (tanks), POCs don’t run out of oxygen since they use the surrounding air to create medical-grade oxygen. But that’s not the only benefit of POCs.
  • Oxygen tanks are combustible if they leak or rupture, but POCs provide a safer option since they "make" their own oxygen.
  • POCs are easier to travel with, and many are FAA-approved for airline travel.
  • POCs are often lightweight and include carrying bags, making them ideal for active people.
For more information view our blog post on the Pulse vs. Continuous Flow Oxygen Concentrators..

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