How do You service an oxygen concentrator?

Just like any other machine, an oxygen concentrator requires regular maintenance and servicing to make sure it does the job like it was meant to do — and make sure that you’re never without your oxygen.

While cleaning and servicing is similar across comparable oxygen concentrators, every oxygen concentrator is slightly different. Please refer to your owners manual for your specific unit's maintenance on the how to correctly service an oxygen concentrator. If you do not have your owners manual it may be found here: Oxygen Concentrator Manuals

Before undertaking any cleaning or maintenance regimen, unplug the machine from its power source to avoid damaging the unit’s electrical components.

Every Day: General Maintenance
Using a clean rag, wipe down the outside of the machine daily. It may seem like a lot, and while you can certainly skip a day or two of dusting, it’s better to stay ahead of the grime than to do a deep clean later. If there are particularly sticky or dirty spots on the outside of the unit, dip the rag into warm water and a small amount of dish detergent — making sure to squeeze out any excess water — and gently scrub away. Afterwards, let it dry naturally or use another clean rag, preferably lint-free, to dry it off.

Every Week: A Deeper Clean
Oxygen concentrators, whether stationary or portable, use filters to draw in ambient air to supply you with oxygen. Because the air in our home and environment is never free of dust and other particles that aren’t so conducive to easy breathing, the inlet filter in the machine serves one of the most important functions: cleaning the air. Every week — or however often your oxygen concentrator manual instructs you to do so — you should and clean the filter thoroughly.

The filter is generally easy to remove and must only be washed in warm tap water and a mild soap. Thoroughly rinse the filter, squeezing out as much water as possible, before letting the filter air dry — do not insert a wet filter into the unit. It’s recommended that you have an additional filter to use while you are waiting for the cleaned filter to dry. You may need to replace the filter twice a year or yearly, depending on your oxygen concentrator you choose.

Every Year: Professional Preventative Maintenance
There are inner components to every oxygen concentrator should be inspected or replaced regularly to ensure they remain in proper working order. Schedule preventative maintenance checks with a trained and qualified service technician for the unit every year. This type of maintenance must be performed by a service technician as it requires that the machine be opened up; if an unqualified person does this, it may damage the unit and void the warranty.

Keeping your oxygen concentrator in good working order begins with you. Though it may be a pain to dust the unit every day and make sure filters get their weekly clean, it will help make sure that you don’t experience sudden issues down the line, which makes it more expensive and inconvenient. Schedule your annual preventative maintenance checks months in advance so that you don’t leave it to the last minute — and mark them on your calendar! With proper cleaning and care, your oxygen concentrator can last for years to come.

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